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The new uncensored site is finally here! SapphireFoxx Beyond Subscriptions are available now!

Thank you so much for your patience over these last several months! The day is finally here, so we hope you enjoy all the hard work we’ve been putting into SapphireFoxx Beyond!


What Content does SapphireFoxx Beyond Have?

SF Beyond not only has fully uncensored versions of all our animations and comics, but it also contains additional, exclusive adult content.

  • Fully Uncensored Animations and Comics – All of our past, present, and future content are being completely uncensored. Out of all our currently uploaded content, there will be 60 Uncensored Animations and 450 Uncensored Comic Pages!
  • Additions to Old Content – Many of the now-uncensored animations contain additional shots not in the original. This can include content that was too graphic to censor, as well as brand new shots that have been added to the animation. Some Beyond animations are up to 90 seconds longer than their original version! Also, many comic panels have been completely remade to better depict the scene without the necessity of censorship.
  • Exclusive Beyond Comics – There will be a second Beyond Comic series running concurrently with the normal comics. This means two SapphireFoxx comic pages every day: up to 62 pages per month! Unlike our normal comics, Beyond Comics will run for about a month each before switching to the next series. If a Beyond Comic is popular enough, we can bring it back for a Volume 2 in a future month.

SapphireFoxx Beyond Comics

Beyond Comics will lean more heavily into sex, transformations, and fan-service than plot, so you should know if something like that would appeal to your interests. Beyond Comics will be what-if scenarios, alternate realities, or additional canon stories from various SapphireFoxx narratives. The first Sapphire Foxx Beyond comic will be Reversed Roommates!

Here are some Beyond Comics in the works:

  • Reversed Roommates – A non-canon retelling of Shifting Roommates, where Scott is transformed instead of Jamie. The transformation is much faster, and things between the roommates get serious quickly as Scott wants to explore his new body.
  • Godmother: Setting You Straight – A bored Brooke is getting tired of Oliver being stuck as a straight woman for their week-long vacation in The Bahamas. So, Brooke decides to see if she can get ‘Caroline’ back into girls.
  • Becoming A Bridesmaid: The Best Man – An alternate ending to Becoming A Bridesmaid where Amanda falls for the charming Brad rather than the lovely Lucy.
  • Too Good To Interrupt – A non-canon alternate ending to Too Good To Put Down where Alistair doesn’t interrupt Jennifer and Male Isabelle’s moment of passion.
  • The Coed Curse: Sorority Sisters – Marty isn’t the only former fraternity brother who got transformed trying to steal the sorority’s statue. It turns out that Mary’s new roommates suffered the same fate last year. Interestingly, both of the sorority sisters kept their attraction to women.
  • Different Perspectives: The Substitute Dance – Set after Jessica and Holly learn Chris’s secret, but before he met Isabelle, Chris gets himself into yet another sticky situation. Jessica is furious with Chris after he accidentally fractured her leg, and it happens the morning of the Winter Dance! Jessica scored a date with one of the school’s most popular boys, so she isn’t going to let this chance go to waste. Chris will have to go to the dance in her place.

When is New Content Coming Out?

We will be launching the site with half of all our Beyond content released, which is 30 animations and 225 comic pages. The rest of our existing content will have their Beyond versions published within the first six to seven weeks of the site launching. The lists of upcoming Beyond content and their release dates can be found on the links below!

All future animations and comics that have a Beyond version will be released at the same time as the censored version.

The first Beyond comic, Reversed Roommates, will premiere on July 2, one week after the site launches. Trust me, there will be more than enough new material to keep you busy, with new Beyond releases every day during that first week! After July 2, the Beyond comics will publish one page per day, in addition to Cinder Isle. The second Beyond comic will start in August, after Reversed Roommates reaches its happy ending.

FAQ about Beyond Subscriptions and Content:

  • How much is the subscription? – $15 per month. Just like on SapphireFoxx.com, you can cancel any time, or switch back to a normal SapphireFoxx subscription.
  • Why is this going on a different website? – SapphireFoxx.com’s payment processors don’t allow adult content to be on that domain. In order for us to comply with their terms of service, we’re putting our adult content on a different website.
  • What payment options are available? – Debit and credit cards. We are looking to add E-checks as a payment option to SF Beyond in the future.
  • Why does the new site have content that is exclusive to SF Beyond? – This is to keep Beyond subscribers happy when there are ‘lulls’ (non-sexual scenes) in the current comic. This way Beyond subscribers don’t get bored, and normal subscribers don’t feel as if they are getting lots of sex scenes pushed on them. Those who are happy with their current subscriptions will continue getting the same amount of content they’ve always gotten.
  • Does a Beyond subscription include original versions? – Yes. If you’d like to, you can view the original versions of censored comic pages and animations.
  • Can I switch back and forth between Normal and Beyond subscriptions? – Yes, but there’s no link between the two sites, in order for us to comply with our payment processors. If you’d like to switch, you’d have to cancel one subscription, then sign up for a subscription on the other site.

If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments below, or add them to this section!

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6 days ago

Undercover Agent Episode 1 Link Error

From the Beyond Episode 1 Page the link is in error, the link shown below is what should take you to Episode 01 but as can be seen the link takes you Episode 02,


Can you please fix this so we can view the Beyond version of Episode 01 for Undercover Agent, many thanks.

9 days ago

Can any one help me? What animation/ comic was it? Awhile back, one of the stories had a short part with the characters from A MOMMY MAKE OVER. I’ve been looking for several days and can’t seem to find it. Was it an animation of comic.

Reply to  MrSciman
9 days ago

Figures, as soon as I posted this. God mother 230 popped into my head. Thanks and never mind.

9 days ago

Sam, I just wanted to say thanks. I’ve been following your work since late 13 early 14, when I stumbled on it while exploring you tube. Great work!

13 days ago

I would like to see a Beyond comic about another version of Shifting Roomates, where Scott’s ends up with Barbara instead

24 days ago


 5 minutes ago

So ive been noticing something and while its not necessarily annoying its just something to think about. Lets not shoot down every single bit of criticism people give out. Sure there are some that go way overboard and that is okay to take down but the people actually giving critical advice are getting caught in the crossfire because sometimes there are issues with comics or animations and people have a right to say what they want so long as its in a respectful and insightful way. Criticism can be good too as it helps the author or whoever the criticism is directed towards learn things as well as help them become more connected with the community too. Just pointing that out as ive noticed thats been happeninga lot. Just peace of mind for whenever you see that kind of thing. Anyways enjoy these wonderfully made comics and animations. Keep up the great work Sam!

1 month ago

While I rush home from work every day to see what will come next for the women (minus one – so far) of Cinder Isle, I am SO eagerly in anticipation of the next episodes of Full Service and Stealing From Sis – Wedding Bells. Please tell me that we don’t have too long to wait for them to continue!

1 month ago

Crazy to think how far your work has progressed over the many years! I’m truly impressed seeing your evolution since I first saw you on DevArt all that time ago. I don’t usually comment on things a lot but seriously, keep up the awesome work!

1 month ago

I love all the brilliant intertwining storylines but I have no idea how to get started. If someone could send me the chronological order of all the SapphireFoxx content (comics and animations), I would appreciate it very much!

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  Mia
4 days ago

I’ve been wondering about that for some time, so I figured I’d take a crack at it. Here’s what I have so far (it’s a WIP, so it’s not 100% solid):
1458: The King’s Heirs
Between 1458 – 1930s: Beauty of the Sea
1930s: Oh Sister Where Art Thou?
1996: Final page of Godmother & Cinder Isle
2006: Little Witches

m m
m m
1 month ago

hey is there any way the billing for the this websitecould hold off lintel Wednesday please if not that is ok

Ben Cooper
1 month ago

Does all the billing procedures apply to this site as well? because i dont exactly want this showing up on my bank statement

Just Moni- Alyssa
1 month ago

You know, considering that many of the Beyond comics are set in alternate universes (Or are non-canon What If…?s), I had a curious concept in mind. Simply put, what if there’s a universe within the SF Multiverse where the roles of many characters are reversed (For example, Isabelle is the Mentor/Sapphire Fox & Alistair is her Descendant/Apprentice)?

In a nutshell, I’d imagine such a universe would-be the SapphireFoxx equivalent of the Adult Confidant AU (A notable Persona 5 AU created by ScruffyTurtles where the roles of the adults & teenagers from the game are reversed [IE: Sojiro is a teenager & Futaba is his caretaker]).

(Smol teaser, if anyone is wondering)

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
1 month ago

I mean, it’s kinda something that I came up with whilst re-reading the ACAU, as well as binge-watching Stardust Crusaders & the first season of Jessie Jones on Netflix a few days ago. If anything, I might commission a friend who’s done a few pieces of art to do a concept of it, just to see what you think.

Speaking of, I just also realized that if such a universe were to exist, then that would mean Sylvanas would be a teenager as well, which means that the entire SapphireFoxx lore would likely need to be redone for this one specific AU.
comment image

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  Just Moni- Alyssa
1 month ago

Additionally, I’m just wondering how differently many of the comics/animations would go if in this AU. I mean, for example:

– The AU’s take on Different Perspectives would likely have Scarlett as the teenage protagonist, with Chris (Not sure about Jessica & Christina, but I think Holly might work too) being the adult.
– Godmother in the AU would be a bit of a depressing one to use, considering that Oliver, Brooke & Lorraine would be teenagers, whereas Caroline would be Lorraine’s mother… and for those who’ve read Godmother, you should know why I find it depressing.

Those are two ideas I have so far for a SapphireFoxx Role Reversal AU. If I have any more, I’ll be sure to share them.

Just Moni- Alyssa
1 month ago

Yesterday marked the first anniversary since I subbed to SF Beyond (June 24th, 2019). Cheers for all the Beyond-exclusive content you’ve produced in that time Sam & Co.

comment image

Aubrey Mars
1 month ago

I understand the reasons for not making a gallery feature. But it is *nitpicking* slightly tiring to have to click through each individual page to read a comic. Cinder Isle is already 500+ pages long. I may just have to download each page separately and create my own pdf. Ughhh…and here we go lol

James Dougan
Reply to  Aubrey Mars
22 days ago

Are you saying that when you load a comic, all the pages are on one “page” so you could just continually scroll though them all without having to click the button to change page. If so, that would be nice but it would take a lot of data and time to load. If you think about it, as you said above, Cinder Isle is 500+ pages. So when you load the comic, it has to download 500+ high resolution images which will first increase the loading times by a lot and secondly, all those images have to be stored in memory (RAM) which may not be the easiest for mobile devices. Now you could make some fancy code that dynamically loads images in and out of memory as the user scrolls. But that would be a lot of work just to remove a simple button. But it would be cool 🙂

Cameron Hoffman
1 month ago

Setting You Straight 13 is late. Something wrong with the upload?

2 months ago

I appreciate the New content being put out but could we finish the stories that are currently out before starting new ones. I don’t mean to sound like a dick but it’s like starting multiple shows on Netflix at the same time