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The new uncensored site is finally here! SapphireFoxx Beyond Subscriptions are available now!

Thank you so much for your patience over these last several months! The day is finally here, so we hope you enjoy all the hard work we’ve been putting into SapphireFoxx Beyond!


What Content does SapphireFoxx Beyond Have?

SF Beyond not only has fully uncensored versions of all our animations and comics, but it also contains additional, exclusive adult content.

  • Fully Uncensored Animations and Comics – All of our past, present, and future content are being completely uncensored. Out of all our currently uploaded content, there will be 60 Uncensored Animations and 450 Uncensored Comic Pages!
  • Additions to Old Content – Many of the now-uncensored animations contain additional shots not in the original. This can include content that was too graphic to censor, as well as brand new shots that have been added to the animation. Some Beyond animations are up to 90 seconds longer than their original version! Also, many comic panels have been completely remade to better depict the scene without the necessity of censorship. ed pills online
  • Exclusive Beyond Comics – There will be a second Beyond Comic series running concurrently with the normal comics. This means two SapphireFoxx comic pages every day: up to 62 pages per month! Unlike our normal comics, Beyond Comics will run for about a month each before switching to the next series. If a Beyond Comic is popular enough, we can bring it back for a Volume 2 in a future month.

SapphireFoxx Beyond Comics

Beyond Comics will lean more heavily into sex, transformations, and fan-service than plot, so you should know if something like that would appeal to your interests. Beyond Comics will be what-if scenarios, alternate realities, or additional canon stories from various SapphireFoxx narratives. The first Sapphire Foxx Beyond comic will be Reversed Roommates!

Here are some Beyond Comics in the works:

  • Reversed Roommates – A non-canon retelling of Shifting Roommates, where Scott is transformed instead of Jamie. The transformation is much faster, and things between the roommates get serious quickly as Scott wants to explore his new body.
  • Godmother: Setting You Straight – A bored Brooke is getting tired of Oliver being stuck as a straight woman for their week-long vacation in The Bahamas. So, Brooke decides to see if she can get ‘Caroline’ back into girls.
  • Becoming A Bridesmaid: The Best Man – An alternate ending to Becoming A Bridesmaid where Amanda falls for the charming Brad rather than the lovely Lucy.
  • Too Good To Interrupt – A non-canon alternate ending to Too Good To Put Down where Alistair doesn’t interrupt Jennifer and Male Isabelle’s moment of passion.
  • The Coed Curse: Sorority Sisters – Marty isn’t the only former fraternity brother who got transformed trying to steal the sorority’s statue. It turns out that Mary’s new roommates suffered the same fate last year. Interestingly, both of the sorority sisters kept their attraction to women.
  • Different Perspectives: The Substitute Dance – Set after Jessica and Holly learn Chris’s secret, but before he met Isabelle, Chris gets himself into yet another sticky situation. Jessica is furious with Chris after he accidentally fractured her leg, and it happens the morning of the Winter Dance! Jessica scored a date with one of the school’s most popular boys, so she isn’t going to let this chance go to waste. Chris will have to go to the dance in her place.

The first Beyond comic, Reversed Roommates, will premiere on July 2, one week after the site launches. Trust me, there will be more than enough new material to keep you busy, with new Beyond releases every day during that first week! After July 2, the Beyond comics will publish one page per day, in addition to Cinder Isle. The second Beyond comic will start in August, after Reversed Roommates reaches its happy ending.

FAQ about Beyond Subscriptions and Content:

  • How much is the subscription? – $15 per month. Just like on SapphireFoxx.com, you can cancel any time, or switch back to a normal SapphireFoxx subscription. steroids for sale
  • Why is this going on a different website? – SapphireFoxx.com’s payment processors don’t allow adult content to be on that domain. In order for us to comply with their terms of service, we’re putting our adult content on a different website.
  • What payment options are available? – Debit and credit cards. We are looking to add E-checks as a payment option to SF Beyond in the future.
  • Why does the new site have content that is exclusive to SF Beyond? – This is to keep Beyond subscribers happy when there are ‘lulls’ (non-sexual scenes) in the current comic. This way Beyond subscribers don’t get bored, and normal subscribers don’t feel as if they are getting lots of sex scenes pushed on them. Those who are happy with their current subscriptions will continue getting the same amount of content they’ve always gotten.
  • Does a Beyond subscription include original versions? – Yes. If you’d like to, you can view the original versions of censored comic pages and animations.
  • Can I switch back and forth between Normal and Beyond subscriptions? – Yes, but there’s no link between the two sites, in order for us to comply with our payment processors. If you’d like to switch, you’d have to cancel one subscription, then sign up for a subscription on the other site.

If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments below, or add them to this section!

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8 days ago


I confirm KOLUMOX, I had to block twice, in september and October 2 cards.
Since I used a paywebcard, it was ok, but I’m not from US, then I can’t make a monthly payment with this card, I have to pay only with euros.
I sent an email to Sapphirefoxx about it and if we can pay via another way (paypal for example) but I never received any answer.

Reply to  Chloé
8 days ago

While I can’t comment on credit or debit card problems, I can say that it’s not possible for this website to be set up to take any other kind of payment other than credit or debit cards. Paypal, for example, will never be a payment option on this website because of Paypal’s own strict policies against adult content. Same with a lot of other possible ways to pay – they don’t support websites that have sex and nudity.

Last edited 8 days ago by FoxyRoxy
9 days ago

Secure your data store of credit card numbers.
Either a hacker or an employee abuses the card you held !!!
I was forced to block already third card.

Reply to  KOLUMOX
6 days ago

I just had the same problem. SF is the only service i used for months and i had to block my card last month. If it happens again i will have to end my subscription for good.

Field officer Daniel
10 days ago


16 days ago

need more parts of ghost of emaralds

17 days ago

Hi SF, this comment is important, I need to make you aware of a Chinese company using your animations in their app, i’m not Chinese so I don’t see if they’re crediting you or not. https://apps.apple.com/au/app/%E5%BF%AB%E7%9C%8B%E6%BC%AB%E7%94%BB/id906936224

18 days ago

Is it possible to get a timeline similar to the other site im just curious. if it is on this site just let me know thanks

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  Grizzlybearjr
16 days ago

Seconding this. An updated timeline would be appreciated, especially if it included proper dating reference for the animations (atleast the ones that lack dates or suggestions for placements [Primarily a majority of the One-Shots]), rather than leaving the placement vague.

Additionally, I feel it would be useful if we were to get character sheets on the major characters within the SF-Verse that shared info on them. Mainly stuff like their birthday, interests, family members, love-interest(s), Mana-Mark and whatnot. Maybe something similar to this sheet of Sojiro Sakura from the Persona 5 Adult Confidant AU (which, according to creator ScruffyTurtles, was influenced by My Hero Academia) could work, but who knows?:
comment image

Last edited 15 days ago by Just Moni- Alyssa
Gary Jones
21 days ago

Dear Sapphire Fox,

I am going to have to cancel my supbscription for what I hope is only a short while. I have been unemployed since just before the craziness of Covid started. I have been looking for work the whole time and still haven’t found anything yet. I don’t think my wife would appreciate my spending money that we don’t have, even if it is $5 or $15 (either subscription). I hope that I will be back soon. I have greatly enjoyed reading the comics and watching the animations. I will miss you guys.

26 days ago

I would love to see a few female lead stories about transformations and how they cope being turned into a man

Reply to  Gary
24 days ago

Even if that would be good for diversity, I doubt that we’ll ever see an animated series about a female-to-male transformation being the main transformation. Notice that any time there’s been a FTM transformation on this site, it’s been paired up with a MTF transformation (Halloween Switch, Wedding Bells, Fun in the Sun, Two for One, etc.). That’s because Sam probably thinks that the audience wouldn’t care for a solo FTM transformation, and put those additional MTF transformations so that the majority audience still has something that they can enjoy.

The majority of the Sapphirefoxx audience are heterosexual males with a gender transformation fetish. They come here to see men get turned into sexy women, not the other way around. And since that majority isn’t attracted to men, they don’t want to see a woman become a man, at least not with that transformation leading the story.

Reply to  FoxyRoxy
20 days ago

Speak for yourself, not for all of us. Men and women are both sexy as hell.

Reply to  Lanz
20 days ago

I never said that I was speaking for everyone, just the majority of the Sapphirefoxx audience. There’s a big difference between “everybody” and “most people.” While there are some subscribers who are attracted to both men and women, most subscribers are only attracted to the women. That’s why there are more male-to-female transformations on here than there are female-to-male transformations – Sam is appealing to the core demographic.

It’s fine if you’re attracted to the male characters on this site as well as the female characters, but I’m just letting you know that you’re in the minority on that, not the majority.

30 days ago

Does anyone want to be friends

Reply to  wiltlucas99
19 days ago

I will B fine with more friends from this site .

1 month ago

Plz make any thing for little witches but only use the new girl

1 month ago

I would like to see a beyond comic/animation where 2 people have sex but one is quickly transforming and the boy is unable to insert

1 month ago

Please just make the new Getting into Character available already. We have been waiting literally years for this episode. Also thank you for your creativity and everything that you do.

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  Eva
1 month ago

Sam mentioned on Twitter that there was an issue with the video file, plus the subtitles were also corrupted. So as far as I know, it’ll be a few hours (and that’s the best case scenario) before we finally get to see Alyssa & Isaac doing it in bed.

Last edited 1 month ago by Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  Eva
1 month ago

According to Sam’s comments on today’s comic pages, there was an error with today’s animation just as he was about to upload it. The file was corrupted and the subtitles got messed up. Sam’s working on fixing the problem right now, but it’s gonna be a few more hours until the problem is fixed and the animation can be reuploaded.

1 month ago

Any update on when the banner will change back? We were told maybe a month or more ago that it would be temporary.

1 month ago

widgets_on_pages id=”Newest Comic Pages (On Page)”]

This is all we see on mobile, the link to the newest beyond comic has been broken for weeks with no clear way to navigate to it

Come on guys, please fix this.

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
1 month ago

Thank you!

Looks like it’s fixed, I just had to scroll way down pst the comments

Last edited 1 month ago by TtylttylAlex
2 months ago

Please can somebody post the link of the new beyond comic? I can’t see it.

Reply to  Nicolas1799
1 month ago


That’s the link to the first page of part 2