Awesome News and Question for Subscribers

By | January 16, 2014

As much as you’ve all liked my work over the last 14 months, I’ve honestly felt like I haven’t been living up to my full potential. I’ve always been an awesome artist with a regular pencil and paper, but I’m awful at using a mouse to draw. I felt that the mouse has done nothing but slow me down and hamper my art.

That’s why I’m very happy to announce that I’ve recently purchased a professional drawing tablet to use! I genuinely want to thank my subscribers for allowing me to buy something that was well out of my budget even a few months ago. It arrived too late to be used in Stealing From Sis 13, with the exception of a few last minute adjustments. Remember that poster behind Mariah? I did some rough sketches of some spoof game posters with the mouse. There was one game in particular I was really unsatisfied with, so I redrew it using the new tablet.

I’m embarrassed to even look at the mouse version. As you can see, the tablet will really bring my art to the next level. I’m already putting it to good use in my next animation, One Sexy Error. The animation will be fully dubbed and it has the best artwork I’ve done yet! One Sexy Error is set in the future where auto-closets are found in every house. A man wakes up to use his like any other day, but the auto-closet malfunctions and turns him into his wife. It will be a complete transformation, not just dress up.

One Sexy Error Preview

So there’s a question that I have for the subscribers. I really want to take this next animation the absolute best I can do, but I feel like the 10 day deadline I’ve set for myself will cause me to cut a lot of corners to get it finished on time. Would you guys mind if I took a few extra days on bigger projects like this one?

I won’t be taking these extra days off, instead I’ll be devoting more time and effort to making the transformation longer and more detailed. I’m also not asking this of every animation, just occasionally. I personally think that waiting a little longer isn’t too bad if there’s a much better payoff, but I’m always open to hearing your opinion. Please leave a comment below.

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