Nine Bloodlines: Gold

By | December 27, 2015

Bloodline Gold

Day 9. Gold. Transformation. Who’s this new girl? What’s her connection to Chris? To be clear, this is NOT Chris transforming, it’s her. You can tell from the Gold mana mark because those are something that can’t be faked.

I apologize for this last one being a couple of days late. While I am always ready and willing to work 18 hour days and work until 2am to meet deadlines for animations and comics, I am not going to go to those lengths for bonus content, especially around Christmas.
It would have been nice for this one to come out on Christmas because transformation is something that a lot of people would have liked to get, but hey, it’s out now, and you get a nice preview of this mystery girl.

Personally, the order I’m interested in would be:

9- Diamond – Meh
8- Amethyst – Meh
7- Ruby – Badass, but where could you use it?
6- Bronze – Be nearly unstoppable.
5- Silver – Stealth and Ghost Mode.
4- Gold – Transformation stuff, but any Bloodline can transform.
3- Emerald – For the health benefits.
2- Obsidian – I’d make an army of constructs to animate and make art for me, while I sit back and retire.
1- Sapphire – I can go anywhere I want instantly. Plus they are the only ones that can fly.

Nine Bloodlines: Ruby
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