Nine Bloodlines: Sapphire

By | December 17, 2015

Bloodline Sapphire

To celebrate Christmas, I’ll be doing the “Nine Bloodlines of Christmas” to finally reveal what each branch of magic represents. Some of which were partially explained in Different Perspectives, but most are still unknown and these pages will give a more in-depth insight. Happy Holidays!

To review what’s already been established about sorcerers in general:

  • The nine Bloodlines are formally titled after a gemstone, and informally referred to by a color.
  • All spells are categorized by the nine branches of magic, each of which are classified as a color.
  • Every sorcerer excels at using spells of their own color.
  • All sorcerers can potentially learn every spell, expect for Mastery Spells.
  • Mastery Spells are exclusive to witches and warlocks of their color, and only the most elite can use them.

“You can’t hurt what you can’t hit.”

Nine Bloodlines: Silver

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