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I Am Transgender

As big of an announcement as this is, I don’t think it will come as a shock to most of you. In fact, I bet many of you simply assumed this. I am transgender. In the last few weeks, I’ve come out to my family and friends, started electrolysis, and began my hormone therapy today.… Read More »

April 25, 2015: Weight Loss Finished!

It’s been a long time since I last did an update on my weight loss, and I’ve got very good news on it. I started last August when I weighed 225 pounds, now eight months later I’ve reached my goal of 170 pounds! (For people who use kilograms, that’s 102 kg to 77 kg) I’ve… Read More »

April 13, 2015: Story Poll Discussion

There’s a project I have planned that I would like people’s opinions on. How would you like a story about a group of scummy guys getting reformed by turning them into girls? Four guys would get transformed, with each getting a different end result, and change at a different pace. For example, one would end… Read More »

March 18, 2015: Fox Poll Discussion

With the new Awakening animation coming soon, I’m asking a curious question. What is the Fox? Very little is known about him, but even less is known about what he actually is, and where he came from. That may change soon. I’ve come up with a list of possibilities for you to guess on what… Read More »

March 11, 2015: Poll Discussion

I would like to clarify that this poll is for the sexiest character, not your favorite. I’ll likely do that poll in the near future. The five main choices are Jamie, Mariah, Christina, Amanda, and Jennifer. You are welcomed to pick any other character and have a discussion here. Who did you vote for any… Read More »

February 9, 2015: Surprise Poll

I used to do polls to learn more about the audience back during the early days on Deviant Art. I have to say that this current one is the most surprising ever. In my question “Do you identify as transgender”, only 23% said yes while a whopping 59% said they don’t. If anything, I would… Read More »