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New Release: Different Perspectives

My new comic series, Different Perspectives, started last Thursday. Just like I did with Shifting Roommates, I’m uploading one page everyday to I’ll be posting the beginning of Different Perspectives to DA for people to get a sample, but I haven’t decided on how many pages or when. I will say it will be… Read More »

New Comic Test

A few days ago I asked people using mobile devices which images they could see so I could find the best size to make the new comic pages. For reference, the first one was what Shifting Roommates currently uses, and the the second one is the current HD version. Here are the results: The light… Read More »

First Look At New Comic

With Shifting Roommates coming to a close soon, there will be a new, exciting comic to take it’s place. Work on Different Perspectives has been steadily increasing over the last month as the first page draws near. Here is a look at some of the main characters. Shifting Roommates was my first ever comic, and… Read More »

Looking For New Voice Actors!

I’d like to start doing more animations that are dubbed, but I’ll need more voice actors and actresses than I have now. I’ll give a free subscription to anyone who I accept (this also applies to people who already subscribe). Please send samples of your voice to If you don’t know what to say,… Read More »

Now Accepting Credit Card Payments Directly!

This is the last part to the series of updates I’ve been doing to the site, and it’s the part I’ve been looking forward to the most. will now accept subscription payments with any valid credit or debit card! On the ‘Become A Subscriber’ page, you can choose between Credit Card or PayPal. The… Read More »

Doubling Efforts to Find New Employee

So far the search for a new employee has not been going well. I’ve gotten quite a few people who’ve applied, but the vast majority aren’t up to the standards I have for content on this site. I’m now doubling my efforts to hire someone (maybe even two people). I’m working an average of 10… Read More »