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Exchange Siblings

Ongoing Series

“Twins Hunter and Lindsey Clarke have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Even if they are opposites in some ways, in other ways they are perfectly in sync with their twin. However, with their dreams of scholarships and good universities on the line in their senior year of high school, the twins are having difficulty maintaining their straight A grades. Hunter and Lindsey end up finding a way to turn things around in school, but it solves their unique problem in a way they never expected: turning into each other. While they are free to swap back and forth as they please (sort of), navigating life as themselves and as their sibling is going to be quite the challenge.”



Series ran from December 2, 2021 to May 11, 2023

“The mercenary crew of the starship Crossfire are no strangers to the mysteries and dangers that exist across the galaxy. From assassinations, to escorts, to diving into the depths of The Great War, there’s almost nothing the crew hasn’t experienced in action. However, a distress call from a small colony world on the fringe of known space will turn out to be a mission no one expected. With sixty-four thousand colonists missing without a trace from the world known as Odyssey, the Crossfire will be pushed to the limit to discover the truth, before they go missing in action themselves.”


Favors and Followers

Series ran from October 29, 2020 to December 2, 2021

“Luke is your fairly typical college student. He might be a dreamer with sky-high aspirations, but Luke’s been working hard on the traditional career path his parents laid out for him. That is until one faithful day at the start of Junior year where a single decision will set him on a journey he never could have imagined.”


Cinder Isle

Pages: 700
Series ran from November 29, 2018 to October 28, 2020

“Set along the Maine coastline, the idyllic town of Cinder Isle never experienced anything out of the ordinary in its long history. In the autumn of 1996, that all changed. The townsfolk were faced with an event no one could see coming. Not knowing where it came from or how to stop it, the people of Cinder Isle must adapt to their new reality.”



Pages: 321
January 12, 2018 to November 28, 2018

“Oliver is a struggling professional model trying to get his career off the ground in the fierce streets of New York. He gets some divine help in his hour of need, but it’s not exactly what he was expecting. Soon enough his career is the least of Oliver’s problems.”


Maker’s Game

Pages: 443
Series ran from October 26, 2016 to January 11, 2018

Maker's Game

“Welcome to the land of Mysteria! Age of Adventurers is the world’s first MMORPG to utilize the revolutionary Neural Virtual Reality gaming system. Explore a massive world of majestic landscapes and lifelike battles like you’ve never experienced before in a game. Join your friends as you pick up your arms to fight against real life goblins, ogres, demons, and dragons. Age of Adventurers is an innovative gaming experience that you’ll never escape from.”



Pages: 356
Series ran from November 5, 2015 to October 25, 2016

“Meet Blake, Evan, Matthew, and Kyle. These four rotten men have zero regard for others, and don’t care who gets in their way. When a certain Fox tries to protect someone they are abusing, they turn their sights on him. Even being shattered into thousands of pieces won’t stop Fox from getting back at these four.”


Different Perspectives

Pages: 400
Series ran from October 2, 2014 to November 4, 2015
Different Perspectives is the story of Chris Young, a guy in high school who finds out he has the power to transform into people by wearing their clothes. Weirdly, it only works on girls’ clothes. Chris frequently uses his power to help out the people he knows or for his own personal gain, but his plans always seem to backfire on him while he’s transformed. He has a number of girls to choice from including his girlfriend, sister, mother, teacher, and his female self.


Shifting Roommates

Pages: 351
Series ran from October 10, 2013 to October 1, 2014
Two complete strangers come together as new roommates, and things seem completely normal at first. As time progresses, day in and day out, our two main characters, Jamie and Scott, start noticing strange changes happening to their bodies.

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Jurgen Hundorf
5 months ago

Why is there a comic missing?

7 months ago

Hey great work, everyone!

Robert Cox
1 year ago

Where do I read the other version of different perspectives

Abigail Anaya
1 year ago

Is there a timeline or comic in which Gavin becomes a girl?

1 year ago

So I am curious about this one: I know Maker’s Game is pretty much all done, but I was wondering if there was going to be any Beyond Content with a branch story.

2 years ago

I have been on sapphirefox for quite a few years the beyond site a little after launch. I still don’t know why but I have always loved the art style honestly. The content is interesting but the art style is what hooked me

2 years ago

Re-reading all these comics makes you really appreciate just how much time and effort goes into making and publishing these daily.

3 years ago

Why are pages 22-26 in “Setting You Straight” only in 1800 × 2700 format?
Thank you for your answer.