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Animation Release Schedule

Animations on the Sevens. New animations on every day of the month ending in seven!


Ghosts of Emeralis — Coming October 27

“Two thieves, Robert and Jason, think they’re going to have an easy score ransacking the abandoned Emeralis estate. No security, no cameras, and the promise of riches in a long-abandoned mansion. Sure, there’s the rumor that the place is haunted, but I’m sure those are just urban legends.”


Second Honeymoon – Episode 4 — Coming November 7 – Includes Beyond Content

“Their vow renewal is tomorrow, leaving one evening left for Charlie and Pat to rediscover themselves and decide what to do in their swapped roles.”


Untrusting Fiance – Episode 1 — Coming November 17 – Includes Beyond Content

“Kelvin has an issue with trusting others, so when his fiance is about to hold her bachlorette party, he’s very nervous over what could happen. If only there was a way he could ease his paronia by keeping an eye on her during the bachelorette party…”


Getting Into Character – Act 23 — Coming November 27 – Includes Beyond Content

“Alyssa has a new piece of hardware, and she’s eager to try it out. So is Isaac, if you know what I mean.”

All Projects in Progress

Status Meaning:

    • Planning = Script not yet finished. Still writing and planning what will happen.
    • Early Production = Script is complete. Doing prep work such as collecting voice actor lines.
    • Creating Artwork = Art assets are being made.
    • Waiting = All artwork and voice acting is complete. Waiting for an animator to be available to start working on it.
    • Animating / Illustrating = All artwork complete. An animator is currently working on it.
    • Editing = Animation is complete. Adding final touches such as sound effects, credits, as well as fixing mistakes.
    • Ready for Release = Self explanatory.


Beyond Comics

Godmother: Setting You Straight – Volume 2 Ready For Release
Substitute Perspectives – Volume 3 Illustrating
Undercover Agent: Betrayal Creating Artwork
Miss Stewart: After Class – Volume 1 Early Production
Mommy Makeover: Second Chances Early Production
Untitled No Hard Feelings Comic Planning
Maker’s Game: Augmented Reality Planning
Miss Stewart: After Class – Volume 2 Planning
Miss Stewart: After Class – Volume 3 Planning
Miss Stewart: After Class – Volume 4: The Finale Planning
Halloween Switch: Girls’ Night Out – Volume 3 (Finale) Planning
The Layover Planning



Last updated: October 17

Ghosts of Emeralis Editing
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 1 Editing
Second Honeymoon – Episode 3 Editing
The Midnight Salon Editing
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 2 Editing
Getting Into Character Act 23 Editing
Second Honeymoon – Episode 4 Editing
Faerie’s Fortune Animating
Getting Into Character Act 24 Animating
Second Honeymoon – Episode 5: The Finale Waiting
Getting Into Character Act 25: The Finale Waiting
Booby Trap Creating Artwork
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 5 Creating Artwork
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 6 Creating Artwork
Full Service – Episode 5 Creating Artwork
Full Service – Episode 6 Creating Artwork
Full Service – Episode 7 Creating Artwork
Marriage Counseling (1 of 4) Creating Artwork
Marriage Counseling (2 of 4) Creating Artwork
Marriage Counseling (3 of 4) Early Production
Marriage Counseling (4 of 4) Early Production
Full Service – Episode 8 Early Production
Full Service – Episode 9: The Finale Early Production
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 7 Early Production
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 8 Early Production
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 9 Early Production
Awakening 13 Planning
Awakening 14 Planning
Love For A Price – Episode 6 Planning
Love For A Price – Episode 7 Planning
Love For A Price – Episode 8 Planning
Love For A Price – Episode 9 Planning
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 3 Planning
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 4 Planning
Untitled Pool One-shot Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 10 Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 11 Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 12 Planning
Rookie Mistake (2 of 3) Planning
Rookie Mistake (3 of 3) Planning
Untitled Halloween One-shot Planning
Untitled Western Miniseries (1 of 3) Planning
Untitled Western Miniseries (2 of 3) Planning
Untitled Western Miniseries (3 of 3) Planning

**This list is NOT the order the animations are being released in. This list orders projects by completion percentage. **

Completed Series

Stealing From Sis
Becoming A Bridesmaid
Too Good To Put Down
My Apprentice
Halloween Switch
Doing Business As
The Great Jason Maverick
Earning Those Tips
The Heist
Swap Poker
Stars, Bars, and Stripes
Undercover Agent
Two Sexy Errors
The King’s Heirs


Ongoing Series

Getting Into Character
Ashes to Ashes
Love For A Price
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells
Full Service


Upcoming Series

An Untrusting Fiancé
Second Honeymoon


One Shots

The Midnight Salon*
Ghosts of Emeralis*
Marriage Counseling*
Rookie Mistake*
Wild Wednesday*
Top It Off
O Sister, Where Art Thou?
Backstage Pass
No Hard Feelings Redux
Putty In Her Hands
Babe Out Of Hell
The Coed Curse
Corporate Takeover
Cheater’s Punishment
Two For One
Little Witches
Halloween’s Game
Wish in the Classroom Redux
Mommy Makeover
Widow’s Web
Loyal Customers
Online Poser
Beauty of the Sea
Work of Art
Mixed Up
Another Chance
New Year in a New Land
The Student
Karma’s A Babe
Fun In The Sun
The Date
What Goes Around Comes Around
Dreams Come True
One Sexy Error
Show Me Where It Hurts
Miss Stewart

* means upcoming.


Canceled Series

Model Parent (Former Commission)
Crossplay (No more TG in the comic)
Spread The Joy (Former Commission)
The Grandmother Paradox (Lack of Interest)


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Scott Ramsay
Scott Ramsay
1 day ago

So cooooolll! I am really excited for the new series!

3 days ago

November looks exciting

Dipansh bansal
Dipansh bansal
3 days ago

Can’t wait for mommy makeover beyond comic

6 days ago

Wow 2 GIC nearly back-to-back. Or is it front to back?

Eric JD
Reply to  Hellen
2 days ago

No. It’s top and bottom.

7 days ago

I’m looking forward to Untrusting Fiancé. Always wanted to see a “undercover spending time with your significant other” story.

7 days ago

Untrusting Fiance looks like it has potential. Looking forward to seeing GIC continuing.

Levi Dalv
7 days ago

November is going to be all about Vows and Love…

8 days ago

Is today’s release canceled? Was it communicated? I mean what is going on?

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 days ago

Sorry for being impatient. I did not see that.

Gwynna Corliss
Reply to  cooldiude
8 days ago

it says video error:(

Rex Raider
10 days ago

I would like to see a continuation of Doing Business As and/or Sealing the Deal, but I am excited to see where GIC goes. I really do like the Alyssa character, and think it would be interesting to see her undergo GRS, with all it entails and then see how what happens in her life.

Reply to  Rex Raider
7 days ago

Doing business as got a comic prequel.

Reply to  Jojo1999
7 days ago

I wouldn’t call Sealing the Deal a “prequel” since it takes place between episodes 6 and 7 of Doing Business As. A prequel would be if the comic took place before episode 1. Sealing the Deal was a continuation of Doing Business As.

Last edited 7 days ago by FoxyRoxy
11 days ago

You ever consider a transformation where someone is fake? What i mean is when you transform people you always make them natural beauties and have natural curves. You ever consider like turning someone into a normal girl, and then after that either with magic or scifi they end up with implants, cheep tan, dyed hair, injected lips, Brazilian butt lift, etc. so that they are stuck with that fake over sexed bimbo/pornstar kind of look.

I feel like this adds a lot more to a transformation instead of just being a normal hot girl.

Last edited 11 days ago by Teerack
Reply to  Teerack
10 days ago

You mean like the implants and stuff are fake and removable? That could be interesting.

Reply to  Jojo1999
10 days ago

Not at all? Didnt say that

Reply to  Jojo1999
9 days ago

I meant like instead of being natural beauty if they looked really fake cause they had fake aspects as well.

Being turned into a girl with clear plastic surgery like this or this

would end up getting the transformation victims a much different reaction then just being a natural hot girl. Since it seems like they are going out of their way to be slutty looking. I think it adds a lot in terms of punishments and stuff.

Last edited 9 days ago by Teerack
Reply to  Teerack
7 days ago

That’d be an interesting take.

Steve Andrews
13 days ago

Is it me, or are the 2 women in the painting of “Ghosts of Emeralis” seem to be the daughters of the King, from The Kings Heir series?? The brother that were sisters, and saved by Alistair and his Kids??
What ever happened to that series, and the prequels & sequels so we get more backstory of the whole Fox/Cat – Red vs Blue – husband vs wife…

Reply to  Steve Andrews
9 days ago

Alistair said back in 98 that only sorcerers can become ghosts. The Queen and her family were nonbloods

14 days ago

The hottest woman in SF universe is Alyssa, anyone agree?

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  Pr1smaticGamer
14 days ago

Erica and Mary, full stop.

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  Pr1smaticGamer
10 days ago

comment image

Reply to  Pr1smaticGamer
8 days ago

Just because she keeps her penis

19 days ago

I hope we can see a beyond comic what if where Elsa succeeds with her technology from Godmother. Would be cool to see how many people she turns

Reply to  Dxjustin
18 days ago

The problem with something like that is that there’s already a Godmother Beyond comic, Setting You Straight. Since the Beyond SF universe already has one Godmother story going on, it wouldn’t make much sense to have another Godmother story that goes off in a completely different direction.

Not to mention, Beyond comics are generally from the perspective of one or two characters, since each one is only around 30-45 pages. A story about seeing how many people Elsa could turn wouldn’t really work for the Beyond comic format, because it would have to follow multiple perspectives, wouldn’t really have a main character, and isn’t that conducive to effective sex scenes, which are a must in Beyond comics.

If there ever is a Beyond comic about Elsa, I would imagine it’d be from the Corporate Takeover perspective and how Elsa would continue to dominate Ariana’s life in every possible way. Caroline and the other Godmother characters would be left out of it. Because of Setting You Straight, I don’t think there will be a Beyond comic about Elsa mass producing Caroline’s locket.

Last edited 18 days ago by FoxyRoxy
Reply to  FoxyRoxy
18 days ago

Not saying change the whole godmother story. Maybe start a different line of “what if” scenario comics. They don’t have to lead anywhere.

Reply to  Dxjustin
18 days ago

My point is that Sam has yet to do two different Beyond comics about the same preexisting story. Probably because that would cause confusion among the fans asking which one takes place in which timeline or if both of them are in the same timeline and how they correspond with the original timeline. That’s just too much going.

And because Godmother already has a “What if” scenario Beyond comic, there doesn’t seem to be a chance for another one related to Godmother.

Last edited 18 days ago by FoxyRoxy
Reply to  FoxyRoxy
6 days ago

Beyond stories are never canon unless stated in the promo. Which to date there’s only one… But that’s more of a filler or in Japanese form, more of a “gaiden” or side story

Reply to  LockOnHome
5 days ago

I’m aware that they’re not canon, but that’s not going to stop people from asking questions. Some of the Beyond comics are variations of a preexisting story up to a certain point, like Substitute Perspectives. So you have to ask if everything that happened before SP started still happened in this universe, and if other things that happened in Different Perspectives after the split in the timeline still happened in the universe of SP.

Even if something is non-canon, people will still keep asking how this new variation corresponds to the original timeline.

Last edited 5 days ago by FoxyRoxy
Levi Dalv
20 days ago

Rookie Mistake will be 3 parts. Wonder how that will end.

Reply to  Levi Dalv
20 days ago

Part 2 will likely be Chris trying to fix it and screwing up and needing Isabelle.

Part 3 will likely have the fix done and Alistair finding out of being involved.

23 days ago

Any chance on a comic or animated series about the indie pandy(i think that was the name of the fashion company owned by witches) cast? I really wanna see more of the ceo turned secretary and the exec witch sisters. that and no hard feelings being continued would be awesome.

I really enjoy office settings and some kind of story where its about adults in an office would be cool to me. 🙂

I’d also love Cheater’s Punishment continuation. You havent done much with body suits yet and i love the premise. 🙂

Reply to  Teerack
15 days ago

The customer’s boyfriends turned into women too

Reply to  wafrederick
12 days ago


Reply to  Teerack
12 days ago

There is a one shot where boyfriends of clients are turn into women at Indy Panda.

Loyal Customers.

Reply to  Darththeo
11 days ago

oh whats it called? i think i missed it. 😛

Reply to  Teerack
14 days ago

He might do some one shot comics but no animation continuations of oneshots