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Animations on the Sevens. New animations on every day of the month ending in seven!


Getting Into Character – Episode 20 — Coming July 7

“Alyssa is finally back, and she’s ready for her big night at the prom! Isaac and Trent better be ready for when they see how stunning their dates are.”


Second Honeymoon – Episode 2 — Coming July 17 – Includes Beyond Content

“Charlies’ and Patricia’s vacation on the cruise ship is in for a rude awakening.”


Wild Wednesday — Coming July 27

“Single father Joe doesn’t have much in common with his teenage daughter Sophie, and their relationship has grown increasingly strained over the last few years. After a heated argument, perhaps this father and daughter will understand each other a bit better after walking a mile in their shoes.”

All Projects in Progress

Status Meaning:

    • Planning = Script not yet finished. Still writing and planning what will happen.
    • Early Production = Script is complete. Doing prep work such as collecting voice actor lines.
    • Creating Artwork = Art assets are being made.
    • Waiting = All artwork and voice acting is complete. Waiting for an animator to be available to start working on it.
    • Animating / Illustrating = All artwork complete. An animator is currently working on it.
    • Editing = Animation is complete. Adding final touches such as sound effects, credits, as well as fixing mistakes.
    • Ready for Release = Self explanatory.


Beyond Comics

Godmother: Setting You Straight Illustrating
Doing Business As: Sealing The Deal Illustrating
Too Good To Interrupt Creating Artwork
Godmother: Setting You Straight – Volume 2 Early Production
Substitute Perspectives – Volume 3 Planning
Untitled No Hard Feelings Comic Planning
Maker’s Game: Augmented Reality Planning
Untitled Undercover Agent Comic Planning
Halloween Switch: Girls’ Night Out – Volume 3 (Finale) Planning
The Layover Planning



Last updated: June 27

Full Service – Episode 3 Ready For Release
Love For A Price – Episode 5 Editing
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 4 Editing
Getting Into Character Act 20 Animating
Second Honeymoon – Episode 2 Animating
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 1 Animating
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 2 Animating
Second Honeymoon – Episode 3 Animating
Wild Wednesday Waiting
Second Honeymoon – Episode 4 Waiting
Second Honeymoon – Episode 5: The Finale Waiting
Full Service – Episode 4 Waiting
Rookie Mistake Waiting
Getting Into Character Act 21 Waiting
Ghosts of Emeralis Waiting
The Midnight Salon Creating Artwork
Getting Into Character Act 22 Creating Artwork
Faerie’s Fortune Creating Artwork
Getting Into Character Act 23 Creating Artwork
Getting Into Character Act 24: The Finale Creating Artwork
Marriage Counseling (1 of 3) Early Production
Marriage Counseling (2 of 3) Early Production
Marriage Counseling (3 of 3) Early Production
Awakening 13 Planning
Awakening 14 Planning
Pen Pal Planning
Love For A Price – Episode 6 Planning
Love For A Price – Episode 7 Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 5 Planning
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells – Episode 6 Planning
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 3 Planning
An Untrusting Fiancé – Episode 4 Planning
Full Service – Episode 5 Early Production
Full Service – Episode 6 Planning
Full Service – Episode 7 Planning

**This list is NOT the order the animations are being released in. This list orders projects by completion percentage. **

Completed Series

Stealing From Sis
Becoming A Bridesmaid
Too Good To Put Down
My Apprentice
Halloween Switch
Doing Business As
The Great Jason Maverick
Earning Those Tips
The Heist
Swap Poker
Stars, Bars, and Stripes
Undercover Agent
Two Sexy Errors
The King’s Heirs


Ongoing Series

Getting Into Character
Ashes to Ashes
Love For A Price
Stealing From Sis: Wedding Bells
Full Service


Upcoming Series

An Untrusting Fiancé
Second Honeymoon


One Shots

The Midnight Salon*
Ghosts of Emeralis*
Marriage Counseling*
Rookie Mistake*
Wild Wednesday*
Top It Off
O Sister, Where Art Thou?
Backstage Pass
No Hard Feelings Redux
Putty In Her Hands
Babe Out Of Hell
The Coed Curse
Corporate Takeover
Cheater’s Punishment
Two For One
Little Witches
Halloween’s Game
Wish in the Classroom Redux
Mommy Makeover
Widow’s Web
Loyal Customers
Online Poser
Beauty of the Sea
Work of Art
Mixed Up
Another Chance
New Year in a New Land
The Student
Karma’s A Babe
Fun In The Sun
The Date
What Goes Around Comes Around
Dreams Come True
One Sexy Error
Show Me Where It Hurts
Miss Stewart

* means upcoming.


Canceled Series

Model Parent (Former Commission)
Crossplay (No more TG in the comic)
Spread The Joy (Former Commission)
The Grandmother Paradox (Lack of Interest)


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Serena Dreams
22 hours ago

A few more days before we get to see Alyssa and Isaac again.

Reply to  Serena Dreams
7 hours ago

I’d love it as a Beyond Animation… But it’s good to have them back.

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  Serena Dreams
7 hours ago

A few more animations until we never have to hear about them again

Demarcus Thomas
1 day ago

Please let Wild Wednesday be a series.

6 days ago

One thing I would like to see as a relative newcomer to the site is a reading/viewing order specifically for the Alistair stuff so someone like me can follow the full story in order.

ataliba ximenes
9 days ago

I would like to see a beyond where the couple would only have their heads exchanged, as in swap poker.

Reply to  ataliba ximenes
5 days ago


10 days ago

Ashes to Ashes is still listed as an Ongoing Series even though it ended on part 17 not too long ago.

Reply to  ShadySableye77
7 days ago

Ok whoever downvoted this is salty, look at the status of series tab and you’ll see i’m right.

12 days ago

Heya sapphirefoxx, i am curious when the Cinder Isles’ series will end? Its already approaching the 600 pages mark compared to the other comics which ended around 400pg and its getting a bit tedious now. I’m kinda hoping for a fresh new comic series thus any hints when the next one will be posted up? Lastly I loved the rest of the beyond comics and animations, they are still awesome and would love more m2f body swap kind of comics!

Reply to  frostieruby288
10 days ago

It’s probably going to end at around 600 pages or so, it’s already on page 574 so we likely don’t have to wait long.

m m
m m
Reply to  frostieruby288
8 days ago

the best comic so far is cinder isles thats what i say but i think it going end 600 650 around there

Reply to  frostieruby288
4 minutes ago

Not a fan of the series, so hoping it will end soon.

Brooke Noelle
14 days ago

Thank god we know when Getting Into Character is ending. That, and Ashes to Ashes ending makes this site better going forward.

stephanie denise
Reply to  Brooke Noelle
14 days ago

at least this upcoming episode of GIC isn’t the final episode… could go on for another 20 episodes if I had the final vote

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  stephanie denise
14 days ago

Thank god you don’t have the final vote. Series can’t end fast enough.

Michel Koning
Reply to  Brooke Noelle
13 days ago

What do you dislike about GIC? It’s probably my favourite animation series yet

Brooke Noelle
Reply to  Michel Koning
13 days ago

It’s gone on waaaay too long since the transformation, the concept doesn’t really interest me, it’s kind of a willing change, which is a turn off for me, Isaac mispronounces “Alyssa” every time and it makes me criiiinge, and the voice acting isn’t as good as the other series and animations, in my opinion. Just excited for something fresh

stephanie denise
Reply to  Brooke Noelle
13 days ago

Not everyone pronounces all words the same….different nationalities different parts of the country……..someone from New York….says a word……might sound funny to someone on the west coast……

stephanie denise
Reply to  Michel Koning
13 days ago

I agree Michel……its one of best we’ve had……so thats 2 to 1 vote…..majority wins….laughsssss

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  Michel Koning
6 days ago

This comment, I highly agree with. That and Alyssa is my personal favourite of all the SapphireFoxx-Girls.

Not to mention that Alysaac (Alyssa X Isaac) is one of the best ships of the SF-Verse (Along Chrisabelle [Chris X Isabelle] & Daisy X Connor [from Stars, Bars & Stripes]).

Reply to  Just Moni- Alyssa
2 days ago

By far my fav girl too

Reply to  stephanie denise
2 days ago

Yeah this story for some reason has always stood out more than a lot of the others to me since it first started. I think it’s a very good character study and it’s always had a lot of unexpected potential plot developments. I’m happy to see a few more fun episodes with a nice, maybe unexpected conclusion.

Bad Taiming
Reply to  Brooke Noelle
10 days ago

Got to say I’ll miss GIC when it’s done. I like the characters and the story.

15 days ago

so how about the continuation of “ Substitute Perspectives ”? I can’t wait to know the story after Chris sleeping with his mom boss.

Reply to  han
15 days ago

i am the fan of the chris series

Rex Raider
16 days ago

I sure would like to see a continuation of “Doing Business As”. I thought that was a great story line with tons of potential. Is there any chance we might see a Chapter 2 version of it?

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
6 days ago

>A continuation of Doing Business As
>As a Beyond Comic
comment image

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
2 days ago

This one is a nice surprise, loved the story and characters since day 1

Just Moni- Alyssa
17 days ago

July looks to be heating up to be a damn good month:
> Charles & Patricia’s honeymoon is gonna be interesting to see, now that the two are not only younger but have swapped genders.
> A Father & Daughter switching places with one another? Now that is gonna be fun to watch.
> Alyssa & Madelyn at the prom!?! Even better, Alyssa is looking stunning!?
comment image

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed that Getting Into Character is ending on its 24th Act, but I’m hopeful that Alyssa & Isaac will return in a future comic/animation (Hell, give me a Beyond Comic with the two & my life will be complete).

17 days ago

It’s freaky Friday I mean wild Wednesday. Maybe one day we could get a single dad that turns into his daughters best friend. Kinda get that perspective of their kids life. Maybe the dad will find out that punk girl next door isn’t the problem. It’s his daughter making the bad choices

17 days ago

I like Sophie’s skin tone!

18 days ago

Alyssa’s back! Yay!

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  robi2009
17 days ago

And not only that, but SapphireFoxx’s best girl is looking bloody gorgeous. Can’t wait to see if Alyssa & Isaac (Alysaac is the best ship, next to Chrisabelle [What I’m calling Chris & Isabelle]) finally kiss.

Reply to  Just Moni- Alyssa
2 days ago

Something about Alyssa and Isabelle….definitely my fav two girls as well

m m
m m
18 days ago

that would be awsome if all this was real and not made up but sadly if it fake

Levi Dalv
18 days ago

JULY is going to be FUN! Fireworks between couple, between father and daughter and when Alyssa kisses…