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11 months ago

An interesting cultural tidbit to note is a being not native to earth has a code name relating to an animal from earth. That has many interesting imlications

Dalkoth Seer
11 months ago

Okay, i am getting more and more excited to finally see thus new universe of sci fi action and drama but now i am wondering the question on everyones mind. Do Senjini (and likely other aliens) have the same “parts” or genders as other species because when we get to the TF side of this story i wonder how thats gonna play out?

Dalkoth Seer
Reply to  Dalkoth Seer
11 months ago

Also, what inspired his species? He looks kinda like a Nautalin off star wars?

11 months ago

Is Crossfire a parody of Star Trek?

Best Girl Kelly
11 months ago

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