Fractured Page 8

By | November 12, 2015

“Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Fox unleashes a curse so harsh upon them that they instantly pass out. However, Fox’s magic is malfunctioning from all the damage he’s sustained. What will become of them now?”

They all got effected by it differently? I really hope this isn’t another Fantastic 4 reboot.

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2 years ago

kind of surprised he shattered, considering how thick he is

Reply to  beyondtomatotoes
2 years ago

Yeah it’s really strange for him to have shattered like that, Sapphire is almost as hard as Diamond.

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  ShadySableye77
1 year ago

You could say that Sapphire… is Unbreakable.

… I’ll get my coat.