International Setting for Next Comic Series?

By | May 13, 2015

One thing I’ve been thinking about for the third comic series is to set it outside of America. There is one problem I have with it though, and that’s that I might get a lot of things wrong. There might be vocabulary, or terms, or general things I might not know. I don’t want to mistakenly Americanize things because I don’t know how it’s done over there. For example, there’s a thousand differences between American and English terminology [elevator, lift], [hood, bonnet], [faucet, tap], [phone booth, tardis (JK on that one)], [trunk, boot], and many more I’m probably not aware of.

Anyway, the frontrunner country in my mind is not England, but Australia. I think it’s a very interesting setting to use for a comic series. The problem about me not knowing all of the cultural differences would likely lead to me mistakenly Americanizing things, or worse, being too stereotypical about Australians.

Let me know what you think. I’d especially like to hear from those down under.

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