June 27th, 2014: New Employee

By | June 27, 2014

I’ve had a new employee working for a week and a half and he’s been doing very well so far. His work will first start showing up in the next few animations after Awakening 2. I will post a few images of his excellent art soon.

At the moment he would like to be anonymous, but said that he would be willing to start going by his name once he’s comfortable with the site and his new job. He said that could be a few weeks, so give him some time and support. Hopefully we’ll all enjoy his first animations coming up.

It’s been a big relief to finally hire a new employee. Maybe I could even take a day off some time soon. Anyway, I’m still looking to hire a second animator, and it would be awesome if I could get more talent working here on the site.


What I’m up to:

Playing Pikmin 1
Watching Let’s Plays
Working On Awakening II:Origins
June 14th, 2014: Looking for a House
Website Upgraded
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