New Beyond Comic: Cinder Isle – The Cure Volume 2

By | May 16, 2024

Cinder Isle: The Cure returns to the Beyond site on May 21, continuing the else-world tale of Patient Zero: Zoey.

“Out of all the people infected on Cinder Isle, Zoey has been the only one who kept their penis. This had been written off as some strange anomaly in the beginning. However, after an intimate night with Natalie seemed to have completely reversed the effects of the T1G1 virus, the government has taken an interest in her as a potential cure to this mysterious outbreak. Obviously additional testing will be required to find out the truth. And what will the town’s reaction be to this new ‘cure’?”

If you haven’t seen the first volume of Cinder Isle: The Cure yet, you can catch up on the first 65 pages here!

New Beyond Comic: Full Service - New Girl Volume 2
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1 month ago


1 month ago

And Gavin thought that he was the most popular and sought after man in town in the original canon story…wait until folks find out that Zoey is LITERALLY a “walking cure” for the contagious virus! Their “dance card” is going to be filled up well into the summer and beyond! Lol!

Reply to  blackstaril
1 month ago

It’d be funny the only cure is get it in too many times…