New Beyond Comic: Fractured Stories Volume 2

By | April 22, 2023

Hey everyone! I want to apologize once again for the production delays, as this beyond comic should have been announced a week or two ago. We’ve got a lot of man-hours going into the new main comic Exchange Siblings, but we’re working to catch up on all the projects we’ve got going on.

Anyway, the next Beyond comic will be Fractured Stories: Shopping Around! You won’t have to wait long for the new comic, as it’s coming out on April 27th! This is the second of the four planned Fractured Beyond comics, with each one focusing on one of the four protagonists. This volume focuses on Lilly! If you haven’t seen it already, volume one of this series was centered on Eva in “Returning Home”. You can check out that comic here!

“Fractured is back with the blonde beauty who used to be named Blake, but now goes by the name Lilly. She is having a hard time trying to adapt to life as a ‘not-so-complete’ woman. Dating is difficult enough in normal circumstances, but it’s even harder when your date gets a big surprise once you hit the bedroom. Not to mention this former straight man is having to adjust to a new attraction of men. How will Lilly balance her professional life of being a realtor with the drama of find love?”

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Serena Dreams
1 month ago

Love this scenario. I hope Lily finds the man of her dreams.

1 month ago