New Beyond Comic: Girls Night Out Volume 2

By | January 8, 2020

Here’s the preview for Volume 2 of Halloween Switch: Girl’s Night Out! This volume will be 46 pages long, and will premiere on January 20th after Becoming A Bridesmaid: The Best Man concludes.

“Robin had a magical evening with Riley after getting transformed at the Halloween party. What will they do now that Robin is stuck with a woman’s body for the next week? Riley’s got an idea, and it involves paying a visit to Damon’s dorm room.”

New Beyond Comic: Becoming A Bridesmaid - The Best Man
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6 thoughts on “New Beyond Comic: Girls Night Out Volume 2

  1. Dxjustin

    Well it seems like female tendencies still effecting Robin cause still walking in heels. I think Damon needs to swap some other female tendencies with robin and Robin doesn’t notice and robin slowly becoming more girly over time

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