New Beyond Comic: Halloween Switch Volume 4

By | September 8, 2023

With Full Service: New Girl about to end in a few days, it’s time to reveal the next Beyond comic. The fourth volume of Halloween Switch: Girls Night Out will be coming out on September 13th! This volume will feature Robin traveling to New York in a crossover with the cast of Godmother . This will be unrelated to the Godmother Beyond comic.

“After getting a shot at modeling from Ablecroft CEO Andre, Robin is heading to New York for a week long modeling trip. She’s got a lot to sort through in her personal life about what to do with her gender and her relationship with Riley. Fortunately a handsome male model she meets will be there to help her through this turbulent time in her life.”

New Beyond Comic: Full Service - New Girl
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8 days ago

This will be fun.

22 days ago

I think definitely it would be amazing, but I’m curious if it includes transformation or just a new relationship.

Paul Sell
Reply to  Christina
22 days ago

There will definitely be transformations in this volume of GNO. This Beyond comic will occur in the middle of the events of Godmother. So you just might see the return of a certain locket. 😉