New Beyond Comic: Setting You Straight Volume 3

By | April 15, 2021

I’m glad you’re all enjoying the Mommy Makeover comic. As we get closer to the new Chloe “reaffirming her love” with her husband, it’s time to announce the new upcoming Beyond comic: Godmother: Setting You Straight Volume 3! The third installment will begin April 28th, after Mommy Makeover’s page 41.

“Oliver has dipped his toes into the waters of experimenting with his female persona: Olivia. Now he finds himself suddenly unable (and unwilling) to turn back into a man. Brooke on the other-hand is loving her new equipment, and has become the new man of the household. With their sexual appetites still unsatisfied, Olivia and Brooke want Grayson and Lorenza to join in on the fun for an unforgettable four-way.”

This may be volume 3, but we’re skipping over threesomes to get right to the foursomes! And if you’re wondering, this volume won’t be missing out on even more gender transformations!

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2 years ago

Did this story begin as promised? I can only find the cover and it is nearly August. Is there a missing starting page? Thanks.

2 years ago

Sam, I was kinda thinking. I know this is kinda a dead end or pointless idea, but was wondering if we could get parallels of if Oliver got stuck as a teen or whatever other forms you could conjure up. It would be interesting to see how their relationship changes based on the that, I guess it’s left to the imagination- I mean it might just be what I personally wanna see but the ideas kind of there.

2 years ago

Sounds great Let’s GO !!

2 years ago

Love this comic, hopefully we get more futa comics.

2 years ago

Wonder if we’ll see the male version of Brooke

Best Girl Kelly
Reply to  Dice78
2 years ago

$10 says we not only get male Brooke in Vol. 3, but also female Grayson & Lorenzo (Male Lorenza) as well.

Reply to  Best Girl Kelly
2 years ago

I’d definitely read the story with any – and all – of those variations and transformations!