New Beyond Comic: Substitute Perspectives Volume 3

By | November 5, 2020

Unlike Valve, we CAN count to three! The third volume of the highly anticipated Substitute Perspectives is coming November 15th! This volume will be 50 pages long, so strap in for another wild ride with Chris.

“What started as a growing curiosity for Chris has evolved into an insatiable craving for men. With his days as a straight man perhaps in the rear-view mirror, Chris begins making plans for the future. With turning into Jessica and Scarlett no longer options, this new promiscuous vixen will need a body in order to stay on the prowl.”

Volume two of Godmother Setting You Straight will end on page 90, on November 14.

New Beyond Comic: Setting You Straight Volume 2
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13 days ago

Oh will 11am come soon enough. I have been Missing you Scarlett/Chris. I know you have to give up on your mom and sister but i do hope you find that a more mature woman can get any man and you create a MILF of your own along this story line. Only can hope.

Ray Ray SSF
15 days ago

The Substitute Dance wasn’t bad, Substitute Perspectives Vol 2 was Sexy as Hell, & I’m guessing Vol 3 is gonna be even Sexier! Not gonna lie, I like this alternate version of Chris & how he is choosing to use his powers. Is it wrong to say it’s kinda Hot lol?

21 days ago

Yeeess more Scarlett we cant get enought of this beautiful woman
Reply to  Scarlett
21 days ago

I totally agree my dear.