New Beyond Comic: The Coed Curse – Sorority Sisters

By | October 14, 2019

As most of you know, Volume One of Halloween Switch: Girls’ Night Out will end on Halloween. So, it’s time to announce the fourth Beyond comic that will be starting on November 1! Introducing The Coed Curse: Sorority Sisters!

“A non-canon followup of The Coed Curse one-shot animation. Once Mary/Marty has been inducted into the Kappa Alpha Phi sorority, a few of his new sorority sisters give him a very special and private welcoming ceremony. However, Marty isn’t the only woman in the sorority with a secret…”

If/when there’s ever a canon sequel to The Coed Curse, it won’t follow the events of Sorority Sisters and will be less sex-focused. However, for those of you who really want to see more of Mary, she’ll be returning in a few weeks!

As for why Rosa from Backstage Pass is there, it was established that both one-shots took place at the same university, so I thought it would be fun to throw in the original Rosa as a cameo.

New Beyond Comic: Halloween Switch - Girls' Night Out
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7 months ago

OMG it took me this long to realise that Mary looks almost exactly like cady from mean girls when she wear that exact same outfit

Reply to  Shaundi
6 months ago

Wow, you’re right! Nice spot!

8 months ago

I wonder who’s the sorcerer

Just Moni- Alyssa
8 months ago
My second favourite SapphireFoxx girl (First place goes to Alyssa) returns. I can’t wait for this new comic.

8 months ago

So glad, Mary is by far the best looking tg’d character. (Issy otherwise)

8 months ago

Ho yesss !!!!! Cool

stephanie denise
8 months ago

wow ….cool…..we get to see more of Mary from the original Coed curse……

8 months ago

Marty or rather Mary has a similar appearance to Ashley, hair eyes face even the color of their top.

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
8 months ago

Yes! Y’all just roll off the assembly line in Area 51.

8 months ago

Yay, this is first