New Beyond Comic: Undercover Agent – Betrayal

By | February 3, 2021

February’s Beyond comic will be Undercover Agent: Betrayal. When the original animation series ended, many were hoping for an ending when Alejandro and Jade’s personality won over Spears. Well, those fans are going to get what they want in his alternate ending Beyond comic.

“After being transformed into his arch-enemy’s wife, Agent Spears has spent over a week undercover with Jade’s personality slowly taking him over. When the time comes to put an end to Alejandro and his plans, what would have happened if Jade’s personality has taken enough control over Spears?”

If you haven’t seen the full animation series of Undercover Agent, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

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2 years ago

If this is a beyond comic. A good idea for a beyond comic would be for The Godmother if Elsa had succeeded with her invention. That’s a another good what if beyond comic.

2 years ago

do we get to find out who richardo turned in to?? as we still dont know from part 8?? nothing worse than knowing grrrrr

Paul Sell
Reply to  ArnieH
2 years ago

Sam has mentioned that leaving out who Richardo turned into was done on purpose. It was supposed to be unresolved. That way, there is a plot thread left over for a potential sequel to Undercover Agent.

Considering where this Beyond comic would probably head, I doubt it will involve Richardo at all. If we ever see Richardo again, it would be in a possible Undercover Agent 2, not this Beyond comic.

2 years ago

Different strokes for different people. Not totally looking forward to Betrayal but I hope others enjoy.