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By | October 9, 2021

Here’s a big, fat announcement for upcoming Beyond comics. The comic Fractured will be returning as not one, but FOUR volumes in “Fractured Stories“! As the title implies, each volume will be a self-contained story about each of the four Fractured girls off on their own independent adventure. The series will be kicked off in a ten-page prologue, where Lorraine from Godmother intervenes in their lives, setting them off on a new course.

We’re not going to run all four volumes of Fractured Stories back to back. However, we are going to run the prologue and Volume 1 together, with the Prologue starting October 16 and Volume 1 beginning October 26. Volume 1, “Returning Home” will focus on Eva.

“A nervous Eva takes a flight back to South Korea to meet her family for the first time since her transformation from Evan. What she doesn’t know is that a mysterious benefactor has taken the liberty of changing the memories of her family and friends to always have known her as Eva. What adventures will the young woman get up to once she discovers that her home has changed along with her body?”

Be sure to stick around for the later volumes of Fractured Stories in the coming months!

  • Volume 1: Returning Home. Staring Eva
  • Volume 2: Shopping Around. Staring Lilly
  • Volume 3: Eighteen Again. Staring Miley
  • Volume 4: Bright Lights. Staring Kailey
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9 days ago

Was it ever determined if Lily was partially converted or completely converted? I remember a discrepancy on pg. 346 between the canonical non-beyond version versus the beyond version. I presume that you’re creating an alternative universe in which Lily was only partially converted?

Daniel Chmelev
10 days ago

It has been such a long time since I read/watch some of the series.
Can someone help which of these characters come from which comic/animation?

10 days ago

Yay! my favorite comic :D. I can’t wait

11 days ago

I cannot wait for AC:FS to end. Volume 1 of the Fracture spinoff is the only one I plan to follow.

Demarcus Thomas
12 days ago

Hope Lily wears ghost skin vagina.

Levi Dalv
14 days ago

WOW, It looks like each of them have new lives. I am glad to see that Lilly still has her package and Miley is returning.

15 days ago

Wow was not expecting Lorraine to be in this. Pretty cool. Pretty much zero interest in volume 1 and 4 but the other two seem good.

Tho I hope it’s not just tons of lesbian stuff only in vol 2. I’d like to see more skinny beta male type guys in the cast like Kevin instead of every dude being so jacked.

Last edited 15 days ago by Beta
Reply to  Beta
14 days ago

those are the 2 i want the most lol

Reply to  AmberOcelot
14 days ago

Honestly think Kailey out of all the SF cast might be my least favorite in terms or looks, character, and story.

15 days ago

OMG Finally Hell Yeah! I can’t wait this is my second favorite series!

15 days ago

This is a really neat way to revisit the Fractured cast, looking forward to seeing all the updated characters

15 days ago

Volume three is the one I’m most excited about!! So much missed opportunity with that character. I hope it’s loses that two different personalities thing it had going in the comic. More of a excepting of his fate than having a female mind getting him in trouble.. but that could be fun also now that I’m thinking about it.

Reply to  Kokopocky
15 days ago

I don’t see Matthew, as previously written, ever being excepting of being female – particularly being a teenage girl. But, I’d at least like to have him remember what Miley had done and experienced when he reverts back to his older male persona. He was the least offensive and most remorseful of the four (which isn’t saying much) – but, perhaps having to literally “walk a mile in another’s shoes” will lead to his becoming more enlightened about persons of varying gender identifications and serve as a teaching moment…in and out of the comic.

Just Moni- Alyssa
15 days ago

>Volume 1 features Eva as the protagonist
comment image
I always thought Eva was (for me atleast) the best girl out of the Fractured group, followed by Lilly, Kailey & Miley (if only because Matthew didn’t enjoy his time as Miley). So overall, am somewhat excited to see how this comic (and also Volume 2 to an extent, seeing as Lilly still has such a beautiful Duwang. CHEW) will turn out.