June 14th, 2014: Looking for a House

By | June 14, 2014

I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time: I’m finally going to move out from my parent’s house soon. Trust me, I’ve really grown out of my small bedroom and I really need a place of my own. I’m looking around the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area which is very nice. I’ve already looked at a couple and I’ve arranged to look at some nice houses in the next week.

I’m going to lease for the next year then get a mortgage in 2015. This will give me time get to know the area, to look around at houses, and save up for a down payment. If you’re wondering why I’m not going for an apartment, my brief experience with apartments was downright awful and I’d rather pay extra for a bigger place with privacy away from loud neighbors. I’m hoping to find a place by July first, but I might miss that deadline and have to wait until August.

Of course, I owe this to all of my subscribers and I love every single one of you for allowing me to live my dream job. I can’t say thank you enough! =D

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