September 19th, 2014: One Year Ago Today…

By | September 19, 2014

One year ago today was when I told my parents all about my alias SapphireFoxx, and what I had been creating for nearly a year in secret. Five days prior, I got accepted into Google’s ad program, which instantly made it a possibility to make a living off of this.

Telling them went much easier than I ever expected. They were so proud of my success, and didn’t mind the subject matter at all. The next week I dropped out of my college to do this full time.

Since then, the site has thrived and grown to the point that I now have a business and hired two artists working to create content. has become the Internets largest transgender site. I have achieved a lot in this last year, and I owe it all to my subscribers.

Thank you all so much for helping to keep the dream alive. As long as there are loyal fans, there will be great content coming for years to come.

-Sam, “SapphireFoxx”

September 10th, 2014: Weight Loss Progress
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