Website August 7 Updates: Speed, Backups, Comments

By | August 7, 2015

Howdy all. I’ve been working to improve the speed and load times of the site for the last couple of days. The difference you experience will be more drastic if you live far away from the server’s physical location in Los Angles. Please let me know if you notice the site being any faster or slower.

Something more tangible you should notice is the expanded comment section. You can now vote up or down comments, show more comments, share them, and even edit them if you make a mistake. You can edit your comment within one day of posting it. I was also looking to add optional features of getting email notifications to your comment replies, although this hasn’t been fully debugged yet. Maybe that feature will come soon.

One last part of this update is the use of backup servers that will keep the site running in the event that the primary server is down. In the event that the backup severs are needed, some site functionally may not be available, but all content will be view-able.

Some of these features, and possibly more in the near future were thanks to the new Suggestion Box, so feel free to leave a suggestion if you have an idea. You can earn a free subscription if we use it.

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