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By | October 29, 2020

“Luke is your fairly typical college student. While he dreams of someday becomes a popular, full-time streamer… he’s very far from that being a reality, to say the least.”

Here’s the beginning of the seventh SapphireFoxx comic. This will be the first non-Beyond comic not written by me. Instead, this one is being written by Christina Polk. Her prior work for SapphireFoxx includes Ghosts of Emeralis, Wild Wednesday, Faerie’s Fortune, and Too Good To Interrupt.

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24 days ago

Alright! New comic! Here we go!

24 days ago

Ok U have our complete attention !!

24 days ago

Nice start I’m looking forward to seeing more.

24 days ago

Very cool to start a new story. From the announcement blurbs, this bodes well for our hero(es).

24 days ago

Why I feel this comic will be like “F1nn5ter: biography” 😉

Reply to  SapphireFoxx
23 days ago

Yeah same here, haven’t heard about the guy until few weeks ago and man, he is someone special 🙂

Michyle Glen
24 days ago

Student Dorm Room????? That’s not like any Dorm Room I was ever in.

Reply to  Michyle Glen
24 days ago

Pacific Southern University is probably sitting on like, massive tracts of land or whatever, to be able to make dorm rooms that large.

Now, admittedly, I did live in a dorm that sortof resembled that room, when I was in college in the 2000s. But it was a brand new apartment-style dorm with 4 tiny bedrooms, and the living room was about that size. For what is obviously a bedroom, that place is huge by any reckoning.

24 days ago

Lmao, “LukeNukeEm” sounds like an internet name someone would actually give themselves. Lol

24 days ago

He should have played TF2.

Reply to  Rampage
24 days ago

Best comment I have ever seen on this site

25 days ago

OMG something I can relate to! (head exploding)

Just Moni- Alyssa
25 days ago

comment image

25 days ago

Non beyond comic? Looks like i’m back to regular

Reply to  JayTrain03
24 days ago

Sam meant that all previous 6 main comics were written by him, other writers have already written some of Beyond ones… I’m not native English speaker, but I understood that comment

25 days ago

looking forward to this new comic