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“Luke is your fairly typical college student. He might be a dreamer with sky-high aspirations, but Luke’s been working hard on the traditional career path his parents laid out for him. That is until one faithful day at the start of Junior year where a single decision will set him on a journey he never could have imagined.”

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2 days ago

Ngl I’m going to be bummed when this series ends

Andrea Schreiber
5 months ago

Some things here remind me of the TV series “Arrow”, I am now only at the first episodes of the second season, even if I knew this series for a long time that it exists, and also discussions on the sidelines about it have followed interested me this only superficially, so I did not think that it could spoil me.
Now due to the lockdown situation here in Germany, I got into a situation similar to Luke when he had Ana’s laundry in front of him and he ended up in her high heels.
What I like at the moment, even though I don’t like some things about the series, I’m always fascinated by how Oliver returns to his double life and to this island or is forced back there, presumably it’s the same here at the moment or something similar.

Reply to  Andrea Schreiber
4 months ago

I’m in America and let me tell u, u r in a world of crazyness for the next 6 seasons

Omar Hernandez
6 months ago


10 months ago

Really loving this story so far. Just curious as to how long will it be hoping it will be one of the longer ones for there are so many possiblities that could evolve with Lara/Luke.