Favors and Followers Page 22

By | November 19, 2020

“Luke has taken some selfies, but doesn’t feel totally confident in his ‘muscly tomboy’ look. Maybe he can make his pictures even better?”

So, it turns out that posting yesterday’s comic page late wasn’t the only mistake I’ve made in the last week with Favors and Followers. Pages 16, 17, 19, and 20 all had Beyond versions, but I accidentally uploaded only the censored versions to this site. I have corrected this mistake on those pages, and I will make sure to double check that Beyond pages of this comic are properly posted. For your convenience, you can view all four of those pages here:

Favors and Followers Page 21
Favors and Followers Page 23
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8 days ago

Love that Sili-Gel gives female nipples!

8 days ago

I’m really loving the set up to this comic. I can’t wait to see how all of this backfires lol

8 days ago

Nooooooo, that’s your “out” Luke!! You send the picture as-is and Darren says “she’s not my type.” Boom! Now you never have to worry about this again. *face palm*

8 days ago

I absolutely love the purple hair.

8 days ago

tom boy? LOL

8 days ago

He could just send the muscly pictures, and if they’re not his type, he’s off the hook.

Levi Dalv
9 days ago

How will ‘Lara’ get rid of that muscle in real life.

Reply to  Levi Dalv
8 days ago

did some research and the animation Cheater’s punishment is were to go to find how Luke can fix his muscles issues and also can become a twin to anyone he wants. Ghost Skin has more now makes Ghost Suits. So hope Luke which is funny the husband in Cheater’s Punishment was named Luke too.. go figure. oh and their features can even mimic a female voice. I have a feeling Luke’s buddy Karl will some how help finance this idea.

9 days ago

I find this scene is so relatable. Getting dressed up and trying to take good pictures, getting the pose just right. Really well done!

9 days ago

I enjoy the work of the animating team, but I am not into this storyline. I have my fingers crossed that this is a much shorter SF comic than the last few.

9 days ago

I’m thinking Ghost Skin Vagina… ooo…

9 days ago

Well Luke/Lara, you have 2nd problem – voice, have you been working on that issue?

9 days ago

Lol i would just have said Silly Gel.