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New Beyond Comic: Undercover Agent – Betrayal

February’s Beyond comic will be Undercover Agent: Betrayal. When the original animation series ended, many were hoping for an ending when Alejandro and Jade’s personality won over Spears. Well, those fans are going to get what they want in his alternate ending Beyond comic. “After being transformed into his arch-enemy’s wife, Agent Spears has spent… Read More »

Data Security Incident

In the late summer of 2020, some subscribers of informed us that they were experiencing unauthorized charges on their credit cards. We were not aware at that time of any compromise of the site. Throughout the fall, we continued to hear sporadically from subscribers about unauthorized charges, so we retained an outside forensic… Read More »

Security Notice: Password Resets

For security purposes, all registered users on SapphireFoxx Beyond will be required to reset their passwords. Users have to change their password once they logout and log back in. While we have no evidence of any unauthorized logins, we are doing this out of an abundance of caution. We are not requiring password resets for… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Miss Stewart – After Class

Happy New Years! It’s time for a new Beyond comic! We meant to have this cover page ready before Christmas, but better late never. Can you believe that it’s been over seven years since our first ever subscriber animation was posted? Now Miss Stewart has finally returned in her whole comic series! That’s right, it… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Substitute Perspectives Volume 3

Unlike Valve, we CAN count to three! The third volume of the highly anticipated Substitute Perspectives is coming November 15th! This volume will be 50 pages long, so strap in for another wild ride with Chris. “What started as a growing curiosity for Chris has evolved into an insatiable craving for men. With his days… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Setting You Straight Volume 2

I hope you’re all enjoying Too Good To Interrupt, but it’s time to announce the upcoming Beyond comic. The highly anticipated sequel to Godmother: Setting You Straight is coming September 26! That means Too Good To Interrupt will end on page 43. Volume 2 of Setting You Straight will be our longest Beyond comic to… Read More »