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New Beyond Comic: Doing Business As – Sealing The Deal

In a SapphireFoxx Beyond first, next month’s Beyond comic will be a canon addition to its original series. Introducing Doing Business As – Sealing The Deal! This comic takes place between episodes 6 and 7, in the period between Selina starting to wear Ghost Skin and becoming a woman full time. What happens here will… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Godmother – Setting You Straight

It’s time once again to unveil next month’s Beyond Comic! This time the lovebirds Oliver and Brooke return for Godmother: Setting You Straight! This comic will be premiering June 1, and it’s volume 1 will last for 40 pages. Yes, we’ve already got a volume 2 in the works. 😉 “Oliver and Brooke were enjoying… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Wish In The Classroom – Homecoming

Get ready for April 20th because that’s when the next Beyond comic will start! We’ll see the return on Andi in Wish In The Classroom: Homecoming! “Andrew is now Andi, and SHE has a lot to adjust to in her new life. Her crush is now her best friend, and her former best friend is… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Substitute Perspectives Volume 2

I apologize about next month’s Beyond Comic having a delayed cover page. However, I assure you that Substitute Perspectives Volume 2 will be worth the wait! “After Chris’s incredible first night of sleeping with a man, the newly single Chris admits to himself that he’s bisexual. Wanting another chance to explore his growing curiosity, an… Read More »

News and FAQ over the recent video problems

Hey everyone, I thought I’d take a minute to address the video issues with the site during the last few days. I’m very grateful and appreciative of your patience with this. We’ve been working very hard on resolving it, and there’s been a lot to do. What happened? All videos on the Beyond site became… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Girls Night Out Volume 2

Here’s the preview for Volume 2 of Halloween Switch: Girl’s Night Out! This volume will be 46 pages long, and will premiere on January 20th after Becoming A Bridesmaid: The Best Man concludes. “Robin had a magical evening with Riley after getting transformed at the Halloween party. What will they do now that Robin is… Read More »

New Beyond Comic: Becoming A Bridesmaid – The Best Man

It’s time to enjoy the holidays with a trip down memory lane! The current Beyond comic The Coed Curse – Sorority Sisters is coming to an end after 45 pages. That means the next Beyond comic will be starting on December 16! Introducing Becoming A Bridesmaid – The Best Man! “An alternate ending to Becoming… Read More »