Getting Into Character

By | February 21, 2019

“Many consider Austin to be his school’s best actor. However, his below average stature leaves him out of starring in the biggest play of the year. With a drama scholarship on the line, Austin might need to get creative…”

Halloween's Game
Earning Those Tips
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Rex Raider
6 months ago

I’m sure the story line is already set for this series, but I’ve been thinking how fun it would be to explore a character going thru GRS/SRS, the recuperation, and then see where relationships go. Perhaps the fox could even show up after the GRS/SRS to perfect the process. FYI, I’m absolutely loving SapphireFoxxBeyond. I always check out the latest every morning. It’s a great start to my day along with my coffee.

7 months ago

I love the use of sili-gel in this story. Makes me wish more stories could use sili-gel in creative ways.

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  Jojo1999
3 months ago

I’m a few months late to replying, but you’ll be pleased to know that Sam mentioned that the 7th Comic (Favors & Followers) will be featuring sili-gel in it.

Though, whether or not Alyssa (and possibly Phillip/Phoebe from Earning Those Tips) will make an appearance (be it as a supporting character or a cameo) in the comic remains to be seen, but then again, I wouldn’t be opposed to it, considering how Getting Into Character was primarily the reason behind me doing a subscription to SF.

Big Man
11 months ago

Whens Act 19?

Serena Dreams
Reply to  Big Man
11 months ago

February 27th

1 year ago

As far as Austin/ Alyssa is concerned. I’m curious as to whether she is going to decide to stay if she and get the rest of the surgery to make her a true girl or if she’s going to get two surgeries to turn her back into a boy. If she does decide to stay a girl I wonder if she’s going to start being interested in men or whether she’s going to still be interested in girls. Good questions. Do the writers have any clues for us. Next question did Austin and his family tell the people at the company who produces silly gel about him not going through puberty properly because of some condition that he has?

Reply to  jamie1031969
1 year ago

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Serena Dreams
Reply to  jamie1031969
1 year ago

Being a fan of shemales I personally hope she stays as she is. I realize I may be in the minority, but a girl can hope. I can hardly wait for Sunday and the next installment of GIC. I am especially looking forward to seeing how Alyssa and Isaac interact.