Getting Into Character

By | February 21, 2019

“Many consider Austin to be his school’s best actor. However, his below average stature leaves him out of starring in the biggest play of the year. With a drama scholarship on the line, Austin might need to get creative…”

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2 months 8 days ago

This series really has me going. Not only can I totally relate to Austin (incomplete puberty people, UNITE!), but I absolutely love the gradual changes he goes through as he turns into Alyssa! I’m definitely emotionally invested in Alyssa’s relationship with Isaac. A couple points of disappointment for me are the almost unnatural impulsiveness of Austin/Alyssa (not that I’ll complain about it’s ability to drive the narrative) and the general lack of internal reflection on Alyssa’s part as she settles into her new identity. There’s some of it in there, but it seems to be brushed aside a tad too… Read more »

6 months 1 day ago

As far as Austin/ Alyssa is concerned. I’m curious as to whether she is going to decide to stay if she and get the rest of the surgery to make her a true girl or if she’s going to get two surgeries to turn her back into a boy. If she does decide to stay a girl I wonder if she’s going to start being interested in men or whether she’s going to still be interested in girls. Good questions. Do the writers have any clues for us. Next question did Austin and his family tell the people at the… Read more »

Serena Dreams
3 months 22 hours ago

Being a fan of shemales I personally hope she stays as she is. I realize I may be in the minority, but a girl can hope. I can hardly wait for Sunday and the next installment of GIC. I am especially looking forward to seeing how Alyssa and Isaac interact.

5 months 8 days ago

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