Waifu Tournament: Jamie Vs Ariana

By | March 4, 2021

Round One: Match 4

Time for some aggressive business negotiations.

Jamie from Shifting Roommates

Ariana from Corporate Takeover

Round One: Match 4 - Jamie Vs Ariana

  • Jamie (76%, 356 Votes)
  • Ariana (24%, 111 Votes)

Total Voters: 467

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Yesterday’s Match Results:

Amanda has upset the highest-seeded One-Shot character Mary!

Current Bracket:

Waifu Tournament: Mary Vs Amanda
Waifu Tournament: Eva Vs Lara
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Lucy al'Meara
1 month ago

Mary lost by 1%?!?! Wow its like Brexit all over again

1 month ago

Forgot to vote yesterday and my choice lost by such a small margin.

1 month ago

I liked Jamie up until the end of the story once she got that huge head of hair and her tits grew bigger. I was kinda done with her even in her cameo in doing business.
Ariana story hasn’t really been told yet so I’m more interested in voting her up

1 month ago

Once again I am voting for the underdog. I am sorry I just not into blondes

1 month ago

Yeah, sorry, there’s no contest, lol.
I think the more veteran girls of this universe have an edge thanks to nostalgia, rofl

Reply to  randomkid8031
1 month ago

And yet Jazmin just beat Jennifer from one of the oldest series on the website. Nostalgia plays a factor sometimes, but other times the newer girls are better than the older ones. For example, nothing about Alyssa is really “nostalgic” yet, but I would put my money down on her winning this whole tournament.

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  FoxyRoxy
1 month ago

Aman to that Foxy. Money is also on Alyssa winning.

1 month ago

Gorgeous mother of 2. Gotta go with Mrs Jamie McCarthy she is the first one after all.

1 month ago

My vote goes to Jamie, I remember reading Shifting Roommates from the very beginning in 2013/2014. Still my favorite comic you’ve done.