Waifu Tournament: Isabelle Vs Robin

By | March 29, 2021

To celebrate the Final Four, each match-up will feature special… “graphics” of the waifus. Each will be made available as an HD wallpaper, of course.

“Staying in shape is hard work. That doesn’t mean girls can’t have a little fun in the gym…”

Horizontal HD Wallpaper: Click here!
Vertical HD Wallpaper: Click here!

Isabelle from Various Series

Robin from Halloween Switch

Western Semi-Finals: Isabelle Vs Robin

  • Isabelle (57%, 288 Votes)
  • Robin (43%, 221 Votes)

Total Voters: 509

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Yesterday’s Match Results:

Zoey just beat out Jamie in the last Quarter-Finals match! She’ll face Alyssa in the Semi-Finals!

Current Bracket:

Waifu Tournament: Jamie Vs Zoey
Waifu Tournament: Alyssa Vs Zoey

24 thoughts on “Waifu Tournament: Isabelle Vs Robin

  1. FoxyRoxy

    People keep acting like it’s obvious that Isabelle is going to beat Alyssa in the finals. Nothing has been “obvious” about this tournament. Mariah can tell you all about that. Izzy vs. Alyssa will not only be probably the closest vote of the tournament, but one that Alyssa could just as easily win.

      1. FoxyRoxy

        Well Jamie did lose to someone who was seeded higher than her, so I wouldn’t call that unpredictable. It’s not exactly chaotic when a 2-seed beats a 3-seed.

  2. Andrea Schreiber

    Now it really becomes interesting, I would have loved to vote for Robin, however Isabelle needs tail wind for what is still to come.
    Also to be able to help Alyssa and many other non-magical people, and I don’t think that even if I vote for Alyssa in the next meeting this will weaken Isabelle very much.

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