Beyond Comic Release Dates

By | June 18, 2019

All pages for Sifting Roommates, Different Perspectives, and Fractured will be released on the site’s launch of June 25. The 255 Beyond comic pages listed below are going to be available on day one.

The remaining 230+ Beyond comic pages will be released in batches from late June to early August. Check out the chart before for when pages of Maker’s Game, Godmother, and Cinder Isle will be posted. Any newly released Beyond pages for Cinder Isle (page 220 and up) will post immediately on the day that page is released.

The Sixth SapphireFoxx Comic: Cinder Isle
Beyond Animation Release Dates
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1 year ago

2nd day no Godmother pages, what’s happened?

Reply to  Newo91
1 year ago

Today’s Beyond pages of “Godmother” (Pages 41-46) are out right now.

1 year ago

Is reversed Roommates gonna be on the original website?

Reply to  UpDownJesse97
1 year ago

Nope. “Reversed Roommates” as well as every future Beyond comic will be exclusive to this website. The reason for this is because the Beyond comics will focus far more on sex and transformations than anything else, and the sex can’t be shown on the regular website.
1 year ago

big dream

Callie Thunder
1 year ago

This should be good, can’t wait!