Doing Business As: Getting Your Ideas

By | November 21, 2015


I admit I made a bit of a mistake in Doing Business As. Normally I don’t start something unless I have a distinct beginning, middle, and end planned. With DBA, I just had a good idea for a start without the rest of it planned. Normally, I’d just come up with something and just keep going with it, but ever since I lost interest in the series, it’s been very difficult for me to decide what to do with it or get ideas.

Since I’ve been struggling to think of something long enough, and a majority of you want to see it keep going, I’ll put the control of the series in your hands. Write your ideas for how to continue and end the series as a comment below. I will read all of your comments, and decide on which idea I like best. It’s also possible I could mix and match several good ideas from different people.

With your ideas, we can continue and finish Doing Business As. 🙂

Doing Business As 2

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