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By | May 21, 2017

Quarter-Finals: Match 2 - Robin Vs Jazmin

  • Robin (55%, 262 Votes)
  • Jazmin (45%, 215 Votes)

Total Voters: 477

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We’ve got a very important poll at the moment. Please let us know your opinion. This poll isn’t to find out what percentage of people who are interested in a store, it’s to find out the quantity of people. For example, if only 40% percent of voters say they would use the store that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen. I’m seeing if the total number of “yes” voters would be enough to justify the cost and resources to create a store.

If you remember the incredibly important vote that asked if people would be willing to become paid subscribers back before that system started, only about 20% of people said they would pay to subscribe, that was still enough total people to justify doing it.

One distinction that I would make clear is that the online store would have material that is supplemental to the existing subscriber content, not exclusive. If there were to be a physical comic sold, it would be copies of the existing or upcoming comics that are already part of the subscriber experience, so these would just be for people who would be interested in having a physical copy. Things such as pinup prints of characters or plushies could be seen online, and would be available for people who would like to purchase them. The last thing I would want is for paid subscribers to feel like they are missing out on different content they can’t see.

One other possibility is a SapphireFoxx Patreon, which would offer monthly tiers for things like a 30 page physical comic book for all the comic pages being published online that month, or sending you a pinup print for a new character each month. I could also look into integrating a Patreon to the subscriber system as an additional payment option for subscribers besides credit cards and PayPal. If that could be done, any $5 or higher tier would include a subscription.

If you have any questions or concerns about a potential online store or Patreon, please ask in the comments below and I will answer as many as I can. Also, if you have an suggestions for things you would like in a store, we’re open to suggestions.

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