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By | April 2, 2015

I would like to take a moment to introduce the SapphireFoxx Team that has been working hard on creating great content. We recently had some new additions in February, and now the team is up to four, including myself. Here is the team:


AvatarJeremy Jeremy has the longest tenure at the site, and has been working here since July. It wasn’t until recently that he decided to openly use his first name on the site. He does artwork, and specializes in backgrounds. He doesn’t animate or do comics himself, but plays a big role in preparing art assets for projects. Here is his bio:
“Jeremy currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. Although he was born in Chicago, he had spent several years living in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Jeremy is an artist, designer, and music composer.”

Samples of Jeremy’s work on the site





Mimi is one of the two new hires from February. She is an animator, and is starting to do some comic work too. It’s hard to find someone with animation, and comic experience, but she does. Here’s a bio from Mimi:

AvatarMimi “Mimi is a Los Angeles native who loves D&D, dancing, drawing and alliterations. She refers to herself as “she” out of simplicity, but identifies as neither of the gender based pronouns. She spends her days working on animations for Sapphire Foxx and working as artist for the web comic Rapture Burgers. Mimi is so thrilled to be apart of this team and looks forward to animating more sultry stories.”

Samples of Mimi’s work on the site

Becoming A Bridesmaid 13

Mixed Up

Doing Business As 2

Halloween Switch 3


AvatarChris The other new addition to the SapphireFoxx team in February. Chris works exclusively in animations. Here’s Chris sharing more about himself:

“Chris is a Chicago native, and is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art, in the media Arts and Animation department. He specializes in 2D and 3D animation, character design, and sound design. He has a background in both fine arts and graphic arts, and has worked as a sculptor, a jeweler, a web designer and an animator.”

Samples of Chris’s work on the site
Becoming A Bridesmaid 12

Another Chance



The one and only SapphireFoxx. When it comes to work on the site, I’m the jack of all trades, doing comics, animations, artwork, scripts, the business aspect, and managing the website. It’s been two and half years since I started doing TG work as a hobby, and a year and a half since going full time with it.
“Sam was a longtime resident of Maine before moving to New Hampshire last summer. He enjoys video games, drawing, cooking, chess, and movies. Sam studied computer science and video game design before deciding to make his full time job and business. When people weren’t interested in his RPG Flash games online, he figured he’d try another interest in trying his hand at TG animations.”


I’m very happy to see the business has grown enough to support a team of four people. I never expected this when starting out, but who knows where things will go. Hopefully we’re all around for a long time making work you guys will enjoy.

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