If your subscription isn’t working

By | May 13, 2014

The update to the site has been going well, but some users might still have issues during the coming month. If your subscription isn’t working, one of these three cases has happened:

1) If your subscription was working and has suddenly gone out, this is probably because today is the day your renewing payment happens. I don’t know if this happens to all accounts, but this problem will continue to occur over the next month. Your subscription should be fixed by 1:30 PM GMT-5 of the day this happens, but please contact me at TheSapphireFoxx@gmail.com if it isn’t automatically fixed.

2) Your account wasn’t converted to the new system when the switch was made a few days ago. You will need to contact me, and I will restore your account.

3) Your subscription was only active due to the glitched old software and wrongly kept a subscription after missing a payment or canceling. The new system will be rooting out delinquent users over the next month.

I’ve been busy working on the new animation and haven’t had time to implement an addition to the new subscription software. It will allow payments from other sources such as Stripe and Authorize.net. I hope to have those working after the animation is released on the 15th.

Thank you for your patience!

Working on Fixing Error
Now Accepting Credit Card Payments Directly!
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