Vote for the next Comic protagonist!

By | December 20, 2022

The next main comic following Crossfire is coming up, and we’d like your say in designing the next protagonist’s female form! You can vote for her body type and hair color below! You can view the high resolution image here.

Which of these body types do you like the most?

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Which hair color do you like the most?

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stephanie denise
20 days ago

body C….was more to my liking….Not everyone’s… * Girls *…..are huge…a modest body for a upcoming story would be fine……no exaggeration’s this time would be refreshing

29 days ago

Is it bad I cant tell the difference

Reply to  mykael23
27 days ago

Not really. I had to look at the high-rez image to really tell. B has much wider hips and a bigger bust than the other two. C was the most realistic proportions of the three.

30 days ago

It could have been nice to have a more “normal looking” body (with more realistic proportions) like the option C for once :/

Last edited 30 days ago by Bio
Reply to  Bio
30 days ago

I so feel the same way. :/ *sigh* Maybe the next comic and/or animation.

Sagi Lahav
Reply to  AmberSmyth
22 days ago

Agree we should have at least one character that is realistic

1 month ago

fire crotch best crotch

stephanie denise
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
20 days ago

well hell….that was dumb……..just saying..!!!!