You Take It, You Wear It

By | September 29, 2013

“A student breaks into the girl’s locker room to go on a perverted panty raid. In the end, he won’t be an intruder the next time he goes into the girl’s locker room.”

This is a commission for Kenty1234. I love how this one turned out and it’s now my favorite besides Stealing From Sis. Why do I love it?

– The X-ray mode is back and better than ever.

– Unlike my other animations, the guy ends up looking like his female self, rather than an entirely different person.

– And who doesn’t love schoolgirl upskirt shots? 😉

Stealing From Sis 7
Adventurers Beware
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4 months ago

How many of you are familiar with “My Fair Lady”? In one of my favorite songs, Liza sings “Oh wouldn’t it be lovely…” For 60 years now, I haven’t beeen able to hear that song without my mind switching it around to, “Wouldn’t tits be lovely”…

Sean Long
1 year ago

the new Schoolgirl needs her Bangs clipped.