Bridesmaid Sequel Preview and More Spawnfan Galleries

By | December 14, 2013

Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope you’re all having a good holiday season so far. There’s less than 12 days to Christmas and it feels like Thanksgiving just ended. It’s crazy how quickly time flies.

Any-who, moving on to the new content, Becoming A Bridesmaid Part 2 will be coming out on December 19th! I’ve posted the Sneak Peek image to the Coming Soon Page. A lot of you really seemed to enjoy the first part, so I’m looking forward to making a sequel. I’m not sure how many parts the series will be, but I’ll likely keep adding a chapter every month or two like I do with Stealing From Sis. Speaking of sneak peeks, in case any of you wanted it I’ve put together an archive of the old sneak peek images here. Some of them make good desktop wallpapers 😉

In other news, Spawnfan and I have been adding more of his work to the site. There’s now four of his series posted and one of them, “Get In The Game”, is exclusive to! You can always see his work

SapphireFoxx: One Year Anniversary!!
The Site is Back Up! XD