New Beyond Comic: Another Chance: Free Spirit

By | September 3, 2021

The next beyond comic is bringing back one heckin’ old animation. Albert/Allie returns in Another Chance: Free Spirit Expect it September 18, after page 90 of Too Good To Interrupt. We wanted to try out a short Beyond comic this time, so Free Spirit will last for 28 pages.

“Albert regrets a lot of decisions he’s made in his long life. While sulking on his porch, a mysterious encounter grants him the wish of a second chance at life with a body that’s sixty years younger. The only problem is that he’s now a young woman. What will ‘Allie’ do with this opportunity?”

Eighth SapphireFoxx Comic Teaser
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Anthony Costa
21 days ago

Has the comic been release yet?

Last edited 21 days ago by Anthony Costa
1 month ago

you need to add this to your beyond comic page still.

m c
m c
1 month ago

delete this comment thx

Last edited 1 month ago by m c
1 month ago

yeah boy was hoping for this

1 month ago

Let’s give it a shot !!

2 months ago

Out of all the one shots im shocked this one got continued. I wouldnt really expect any demand for it.

Viet Huynh
2 months ago

I just rewatched the one-shot. I thought Abbie seemed to be a better name for the female version. Looking forward to this one either way!

2 months ago

HELL YEAH! I always wanted a continuation of this one shot!

Reply to  SpinoRider75
2 months ago

Me too! This is gonna be good

Callie Thunder
Reply to  Herooftime7
2 months ago

I think so too, can’t wait!