News and FAQ over the recent video problems

By | January 24, 2020

Hey everyone, I thought I’d take a minute to address the video issues with the site during the last few days. I’m very grateful and appreciative of your patience with this. We’ve been working very hard on resolving it, and there’s been a lot to do.

What happened?

All videos on the Beyond site became unavailable on Wednesday evening due to a problem with video hosting.

Is the problem fixed?

All of the original/censored videos are now back up and are functioning normally.

All of the Beyond videos are back up, but the re-uploaded videos still lack some non-essential functionality: subtitles, thumbnails, and lower resolution versions.

The lack of the lower resolution videos will cause frequent buffering for people who have slow internet connections. When you watch a video here, or on any other site, you may notice the video quality change depending on your internet connection (1080p, 720p, 480p, etc). This is the biggest issue we have left to address, but it’s slow to fix due to upload speed.

When will everything be back to normal?

Subtitles, thumbnails, and lower quality versions of videos should be fully back on the Beyond videos by Monday. In the meantime, all of the original versions of animation still have their subtitles.

Also, the new Beyond animation that’s coming Monday, Top It Off, will have full functionality when it’s posted.

Have the Beyond videos changed?

Yes, because the Beyond videos are now being hosting in a different server and use a different video player. This video player has some new functions built into it such as slow-mo, fast forward, and rewind.

Because the Beyond videos are now using a new player, there may be some bugs with them that we are still trying to work out. If you encounter any issues with Beyond videos, please let us know. You don’t need to report the slow buffering, or the oldest Beyond videos that are still not re-uploaded as we are still working on those. Regardless, I encourage you to try out the new video player and give us your feedback.

Again, thank you all so much for your patience. It’s not often we have a major problem like this, but when it happens, I always work to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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2 years ago

It is now 2/8/20. I have only tried Getting into Character #5 and #10, but over the last four days they have not played properly, either error msg and/or shifting back to earlier (non Beyond) scene.

Steve Andrews
2 years ago

Ashes to Ashes 6 video is saying “html5: Video file not found” on the screen after you press play and it tries to load

2 years ago

Do someone else havea problem with the beyond supscription?

why u bully me
2 years ago

very nice

Serena Dreams
2 years ago

Well done on the recovery. Thanks for all of your effort.

2 years ago

thanks for letting us know whats going on and i what to just say thanks for all the work you guys and girls are doing to get it fix please keep up the great work as i really love this site that yous have crated