Now Hiring for Full Time Artists!

By | March 22, 2014

TGArtist has been a great help on the site but has decided to pursue her musical career full-time. So, grateful for her contribution and wishing her well, there is no time to waste. The next animation would have been the first on site to be made entirely by TGArtist, but due to her sudden resignation, the animation is approximately a week behind schedule. Regardless of the status of the animation, the comic will continue to come out at it’s normal rate.

I will try to keep up with the workload by myself, but I need to immediately hire one or two new artists. If you aren’t an artist yourself but are a big fan of someone else’s work, you could contact them to let them know about this job opportunity.

I’m looking to hire one or two artists to make comics full time (approximately 40 hours a week). The subject matter is transgender themed, but not pornographic. Experience with Adobe Flash or animating is helpful, but not required. The job is online, therefore anyone can apply regardless of distance. Salary is negotiable. Please send portfolio of work or questions to [email protected]
Apply ASAP!

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