Let’s Play: Diplomacy

By | January 4, 2014

There’s been an idea I’ve been toying around with for a few weeks now: how would you like to play a game with me and members of the SapphireFoxx community? There are several good games that come to mind, like Minecraft or Team Fortress 2, but let’s start off with something simple.

There’s a board game I used to play years ago called Diplomacy. It’s like Risk but better in my opinion. It’s a game all about forming alliances with other players, backstabbing, and strategy. I’ve found a website that let’s you play Diplomacy online for free. All you need to do to play is create a free account there. If you’ve never play Diplomacy, here’s a useful video.

I’ve created 3 games to start with that will only be accessible to people that read this. You can find my games on this page. To join any of my games, use the password: foxx

Please only join one game at a time so that other people can play! If games fill up quickly, I’ll create more. Games don’t start until seven people have signed up for it. You have 24 hours to set your moves for each round and to message other players. Build rounds are easier and quicker, so those last for 12 hours. If this all goes smoothly, I’ll look into playing other games with everyone.

Good luck to everyone who signs up! The game can get a little nasty when the backstabbing starts, so please don’t hold a grudge against a fellow community member. =)

The Site is Back Up! XD
Now Setting Up A Minecraft Server!
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