By | September 29, 2013

The big update to the site is finally here!! It’s taken quite a lot of hours to get the site to where it is now, but I think it’s looking awesome. Leave a comment to let me know what you think because you can actually do that now. =)



What’s New:
– Graphics Redesign
– User accounts
– Comments (You have to sign up first)
TheTGArtist’s section


I hope to get the rest of that done by the end of the day. I haven’t had too much time for debugging the whole site so PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT IF THERE IS SOMETHING BROKEN. Errors could include broken links, flashes not working, links going to the wrong page, ect.

UPDATE: The forums are now up and running! Any registered user can create new threads, so please feel free to do so. Here’s the link!


TheTGArtist is joining !!
Site was shutdown briefly
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