State of the Fox

By | July 28, 2015

To provide more and better content, will be undergoing some additional improvements, including the following:

  • Returning to three animations per month instead of two. Animations will now come out every ten days.
  • More animations will now have transformations in them. No more long stretches of no actual TG sequences.
  • I’ll be switching from volunteer to paid voice actors, for the most part, and nearly all animations will be voice dubbed in the future.
  • More original and inspired story ideas and transformations.
  • Addition of a new Suggestion Box. Have an idea to make the site better? If we use your idea, you can receive a free subscription of one to twelve months, depending on the helpfulness of your suggestion.
  • Easier navigation between videos.
  • All dubbed animations contain optional subtitles.
  • Shorter series, unless they contain multiple transformations. I’m in the process of planning a couple of series that will be filled with multiple transformations, not just one.

Recently, I’ve had inspiration to make new, more original animations. These new ideas range from magic shows, to medieval princesses, to mannequins, to anime school girls, to many other fun ideas and stories. Most of what’s planned with be one shots or shorter series, so there will be more transformation sequences than before. However, I am working on a longer series or two that will contain multiple transformations throughout it.

In short, there will be more content, and it’ll be better and more entertaining for everyone.

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