November 22th, 2014: The Top 20 SF Countries

By | November 22, 2014

I thought I’d share some interesting information with you guys today: which countries visit the most. If you are concerned about privacy, the information doesn’t get any more specific than country. Here’s the breakdown for all traffic in the last six months:

1: United States
2: United Kingdom
3: Germany
4: Canada
5: France
6: Australia
7: China
8: Ukraine
9: Netherlands
10: Russia
11: Poland
12: Mexico
13: Spain
14: Italy
15: Denmark
16: Sweden
17: Japan
18: Israel
19: South Korea
20: Singapore

Interestingly, the US has more visits than the other top 19 combined, and makes up 54% of overall visits. Shout-out to all the SapphireFoxx fans around the world =D

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