Website Upgraded

By | July 8, 2014

Good news! The site has been growing steadily and has been upgraded today to a much bigger and better server! It should now run noticeably quicker and more smoothly, especially during the busy hours. Please let me know if you notice a difference while you’re browsing from page to page.

I’ve been wanting to do HD videos for a while now, but that wasn’t possible on the old server. As you know, I’ve been releasing animations in Flash format by default, and SD video for mobile phones. With the new server, it should be much more manageable to do HD video, and I’ll try it out on the next animation. If things go well enough, I might make HD video the default animation option over Flash. Flash does have a much lower file size and doesn’t take nearly as much bandwidth to load, but video formats have playback controls and are more accessible to various devices.

Anyway, I’m glad the site has been upgraded again. It outgrew its first server back in October, and now it needs an even bigger one for all the people using it. I’ll be happy get an even better server in the future when we grow even more. 🙂


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