Next Animation and Continuing GIFS

By | November 2, 2013

Hey everyone,

I know you’re all excited to see the new animation that’s coming out soon, called ‘Becoming a Bridesmaid’. It’s coming, but I might have made it a bit too long because I’m having trouble staying on my schedule. I’ve been working overtime the last couple of days on it, so I am really doing my best to get it out in the next few days.

I just posted a preview image of it here. I didn’t want to post the image here in case people didn’t want to be spoiled. Anyway, the animation is about a guy who really wants to go to his big sister’s wedding, but he can’t because of a family feud. She suggests that he should show up in disguise, but it turns out she bought the most expensive bodysuit on the market for him to become one of her bridesmaids. I do plan on making this a series.

Enjoy The Show Boys

In other news, I stopped making the weekly GIFs during those couple weeks of turbulence for the site. I’m not sure if many of you noticed, but I resumed making GIFs this week. I’m sure you’ll love to check out this lovely one from Miss Stewart.


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