New Beyond Comic: Halloween Switch – Girls’ Night Out

By | September 10, 2019

Hey guys, the third SapphireFoxx Beyond comic is only ten days away! Get ready for Halloween Switch: Girls’ Night Out!

“How much would Halloween Switch change if Riley went to the party dressed as a woman and only Robin got transformed? The two ‘girls’ set out for the party to win the costume contest, with only Damon standing in their way.”

This will be the first Beyond comic that’s based on an animation series, as well as the first to feature lesbian action. Girls’ Night Out will also be the first Beyond comic that’s confirmed to already have sequels in production. Girls’ Night Out Volume One will run for six weeks, then we’ll have a couple other Beyond comics before we resume the alternate reality Halloween Switch with Volume Two.

Oh, and did I mention that Halloween Switch will have all new graphics?

Girl’s Night Out Volume 1 will premiere on September 20th, and reach its’ climax on October 31! 😉

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Jack Baird
7 months ago

For some reason i cant find the comic or see it

9 months ago

I’d like to know if Riley stayed a girl and Robin was forced to stay a boy from the original Halloween switch animation?

9 months ago

So will it be released a page a day?

9 months ago

This one looks like it will be fun.

G. Savage
9 months ago

You should consider making a Beyond Comic of “The Date” ….

Paul Sell
Reply to  G. Savage
9 months ago

The problem with anything related to “The Date,” is that that isn’t Sam’s story. “The Date” is an adaptation of a Spawnfan comic of the same name. And Sam’s animation is as loyal of an adaptation as you can find, ending right where the comic ended. If Sam did a Beyond version of “The Date” or even a Beyond comic version, which would have to add new scenes or change things from the original version, that would be disloyal to Spawnfan and the source material. “The Date” is not Sam’s story to change.

stephanie denise
9 months ago

wow something that comes out on a date that doesn’t end in a this going to happen all the time…..or is this a one shot deal…..???

9 months ago

Has Riley decided to remain a woman *only* within *this* universe? I find it interesting in that she appeared to enjoy being a woman in the ‘normal’ universe…

Just Moni- Alyssa
9 months ago

Catwoman & Harley Quinn… Nice.