New Beyond Comic: The Substitute Dance

By | July 22, 2019

With the Beyond comics running for about a month or so, it’s time to introduce the new Beyond series. Different Perspectives: The Substitute Dance!

“Set after Jessica and Holly learn Chris’s secret, but before he met Isabelle, Chris gets himself into yet another sticky situation. Jessica is furious with Chris after he accidentally fractured her leg, and it happens the morning of the Winter Dance! Jessica scored a date with one of the school’s most popular boys, so she isn’t going to let this chance go to waste. Chris will have to go to the dance in her place.”

I always felt that the time period after Jessica found out Chris’s secret was too underdeveloped without much fun happening between those two, so this comic will be an interesting addition. Specifically, this comic will take place after page 289 of the original Different Perspectives.

With The Substitute Dance coming August 5th, this means that Reversed Roommates will run for 35 pages. The Substitute Dance will run for another month, then we’ll have a new Beyond series. If there’s a Beyond comic that you guys really enjoy, we can do a volume two of it for another month.

As for a hint about the third Beyond comic, here’s a hint: It involves a completed animation series.

Introducing SapphireFoxx Beyond!
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1 year ago

My favorites

Just Moni- Alyssa
Reply to  SapphireFoxx
1 year ago

Miscalculations happen. T’is not the end of the world because of it.

1 year ago

I hope Chris swaps more into Skarlet pls i mean thats a Fan favorite

Andrea Butler
1 year ago

Hey I have to know. With the dual comics comics comming out on this site with cinder island and reversed roommates comming out, are the comics that are on the others site still gonna be put out on the beyond site as well?

I hope that makes sense.

Reply to  Andrea Butler
1 year ago

There’s only one comic happening on the original website, which is “Cinder Isle” and it is released one page per day, just like it is on this website.

1 year ago

the third comic is it Too Good To Put Down that should be the only one that will be from animated series

Reply to  Hardboiled
1 year ago

“Becoming A Bridesmaid: The Best Man” is from an animated series too. It could be that one too.

Reply to  FoxyRoxy
1 year ago

yes i didnt think of that one

1 year ago

Chris how do you keep getting into these situations?

Stephanie May
1 year ago

This ought to be quite interesting especially if Christina comes out to play

Reply to  Stephanie May
1 year ago

It will be interesting to see how Christina influences him considering nobody knows shes her own person yet.

Reply to  Hellen
1 year ago

Correction. Nobody knows she’s still conscious. Haven’t read in a while.